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Meetup is held at our home therefore we require a photo of the person wanting to join our group. Please add a photo of the person wanting to join, not pets, nor grandchildren or flowers. My husband, Ray and I are ministers, spiritual counselors, we are both empathic, and clairvoyant. We are both psychic and give readings by appointment in person or by phone. I am a Reiki and Karuna Ki master/teacher. At a reasonable price I offer Reiki 1 and 2 workshops monthly. I, along with Archangel Raphael offer energy healing and chakra alignment. When your chakras are out of balance it causes medical, emotional and spiritual set backs. It also drains your energy. My husband and I offer house clearing and assist trapped souls find their way to the light. I have studied demonologist and have released many humans from a tortured life. I offer an affordable one hour workshop to help release childhood memories and old patterns still running. I help release trauma from your life and help you to understand the spiritual path you were chosen to have. I offer sound therapy using tuning forks to raise your vibrational frequency. This helps to eliminate negative energy from lower entities. I will assist you in making your vision board in order to help your dreams manifest. I will teach you how the Law of Attraction can work for your better good. This is a meetup for psychic and other like minded people. People that want to learn and grow spiritually. This is not a dating service, however if you should meet your soul mate while in this group so be it. This is a non judgmental, safe place for people that want to be honest about who they are spiritually. Our meetings are pot luck dinners followed by presentations, lectures and workshops. If you want to discover your path and meet some other like minded people, come to a meeting.... We have limited space. If you are not able to come please remove your RSVP in order to allow another member to come. Once you accumulate three No Shows I will ask you to leave our group. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to meeting you.

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Memorial Gathering for Ray Oxendine

Home of Chris & and Ray

This will be an open house Memorial for our founding member, Ray Oxendine, who passed on Sept 23. Please come and share your best memories of Ray.

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Attention to our Healing Team

Home of Ray and Chris

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