Join us for a Shamanic Awakening Ceremony

Location image of event venue


Benjamin Bernstein, from Ashville, N.C. has agreed to guide us in a simple , potent techniques for self-healing and spiritual awakening. He also uses shamanic tools and techniques such as rattling, singing, flowing energy and playing various musical instruments to empower your experience. Doors open at 2:30 pm. The event begins at 3:00 pm. Please plan to arrive early or on time. No one will be admitted once the ceremony begins. If the porch light is on, you may come in, however if it's off, you're too late. You must be 18 or older to participate.

A suggested donation of $10 - $20. per person is appreciated.

Some Common Effects:

You may experience union with your Higher Self, and the integration of your light body and physical body. Movement into a profoundly peaceful state, free of thought and troubling emotions. I will teach you how you can reactivate this awakening state as needed.

Common Challenges:

You may experience uncomfortable emotions, thoughts and/ or physical sensations during this shamanic ceremony as your Higher Self clears energies that no longer serve you. Any discomfort is well worth the rewards as you will feel lighter, you will be more spiritually conscious.

We won't have our regular pot luck dinner so please plan to have a light meal before arrival. This will allow your energy to be fully available for this spiritual process.

There is limited space, please RSVP to reserve you place. I look forward to seeing each of you.