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In this group we will investigate and discover what are the true underlying principles of Spiritual Development and how to actually practice them.
We will dispense with all ritual, whether Eastern, Western, ancient,modern, or otherwise by coming to see it clearly as cultural conditioning that serves only to cloud and impede our understanding of ourselves and Reality. By doing so we will eliminate a great waste of time and energy, and will allow all sincere aspirants to proceed correctly and directly on the path to greater Self Knowledge, Higher Consciousness, more Abundant Energy, Happiness and Peace.
Be prepared to leave the spiritual kindergarten to which the majority of the world religions and New Age philosophies and metaphysics belong. Prepare to grow up and take responsibility for your own development and understanding. This group will be for Spiritual Adults only, not for people who are still at the stage of being fascinated by mental models and belief systems. If you are in need of an emotional security blanket or something to hold on to ,this is not the right group for you at this time. We genuinely wish you well and recommend searching out the churches and temples in your area for support.
If you are interested in learning to create your own practice born of your own clear understanding, then we may have much of benefit to share in this group; so please come join us.
The facilitator and group organizer has 40 years experience in Meditation, Chigong (Qigong), Yoga, and general principles of Spiritual Development. I do not expect many people to be interested as most are still attached emotionally to belief systems.
But for the few with "ears to hear", who are mature and ready, this is the place to be. So Trust your instincts, Be Bold, join us and see what happens !
All sincere and intelligent Souls aspiring to Self-Sufficiency and Reality are WELCOME here.
(Please write a few sentences to introduce yourself when joining).

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