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Gene Keys Overview
In this meetup I will introduce the system called the Gene Keys. It is based upon the ancient Chinese I-Ching as well as the astrological parts of the Human Design system. It is also a synthesis of lots of other esoteric wisdom. I n this meetup I’ll give an overview of the system and some of the ways that it can be used. The Gene Keys are 64 attributes of the human personality that are governed by our DNA. It is also an amazing book, by author and sage Richard Rudd, that allows the reader to explore their challenges and gifts at a deep level. And it can also be used to do that for other people around you or humanity as a whole. To learn more about the Gene Keys visit Before this meetup it would be ideal if you create and print your free Hologenetic Profile and bring it to the meetup. We’ll discuss and explore some basic parts of the profile and how you can use it. And we’ll also go over some basics of the I-Ching and the Human Design system – both of which are amazing resources on their own. Last but not least, I feel that this is a great December topic, because in the season of giving – the Gene Keys is really a gift to all of us – helping us discover and uncover our own hidden gifts and genius :-) I hope that you can make it. And if the date is an issue for you please lmk and we’ll make sure to offer this topic again. In Harmony, CJ

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The purpose of this group is to support our path of inner growth* using some of the most comprehensive mystical systems. We will teach, share, explore and practice these systems together.

There are many systems of spiritual science, but we will initially focus on three: 13 Moon Calendar / Law of Time, Gene Keys and Vibrational Dowsing (more detail below). Each of these powerful systems is a synthesis of other mystical systems and wisdom. Related sub-topics are Human Design, I-Ching, sacred geometry, numerology, astrology, and the energy of words (Dr. Emoto). The group’s founder, CJ, has studied these three intensively for several years. For the first several months he will share and teach these to the group, in a collaborative experiential format. At that point other members may share other similar topics, the group may explore new topics together, or we may continue to study and practice these three systems together.

*Although these systems involve lots of knowledge and information, the underlying purpose for this group is to use them to support inner growth. This mysterious inner journey is different for each person, but it generally moves from UP (mind) and OUT (manifest world) towards DOWN (heart, gut, body) and IN (spirit). You can call this path “spirituality” or “awakening” but words and labels don’t seem to be that helpful. This is inclusive of all religions and traditions, but is beyond any one system. If your intention is simply to explore these topics on a mental level you are still welcome here, but that is definitely not the purpose of the group.

Initially we will plan to do one meeting per month at a location large enough to hold the interested members. The first three topics are outlined below with a brief description of each. Dates and locations will be determined by member preferences several weeks beforehand. Each of these three meetings will be two hours long, and there will be a small fee to cover the location and Meetup fee (plus an optional offering for any member who presents/guides the meeting).

13 Moon Calendar & Law of Time
The Law of Time is based upon the Mayan 13 moon calendar, other ancient systems, and many new Galactic insights/transmissions. It can be used to synchronize with Nature, Harmony and the Cosmos, or to learn about yourself, others and the world around you. It is also a set of well synthesized and integrated frequencies and codes of the Cosmos. CJ has studied this passionately for over 400 hours in the last 16 months.

Gene Keys
The Gene Keys is a system of wisdom and synthesis based in part upon the ancient I-Ching and the astrological system of Human Design, along with other transmissions. It can be used as way to learn about yourself at a deep spiritual & DNA level (like a guidebook to your soul). Or it can be read and contemplated as a way of understanding our world and our mystical path as a species. And it could be used as part of a contemplative inner path (in between the paths of meditation and devotion). CJ began learning and integrating Human Design and Gene Keys four years ago.

Vibrational Dowsing
This is the hardest to describe, because it is similar to pendulum dowsing but it’s also entirely different. It is based upon the ancient science of Vibrational Radiesthesia that CJ often calls “Resonance Dowsing”. It is also the underlying skill that was used to develop of the 45 year old science of BioGeometry® which CJ has studied intensively for over two years (but is only taught by that organization). With this skill you can measure resonance and Harmony in both the physical and subtle energy worlds. And, for instance, it can be used to validate the power of some of the above systems. There is very little information on this science on the web but the best independent source is

If you have any interest in this group please reach out with your questions and ideas. The ultimate intention is for this group to be run as a cooperative / collaborative effort that values each member’s uniqueness equally. CJ is simply taking the lead to get it rolling and to share some of his passions at the onset. All ideas and topics are welcome here – and the potential is limitless :-)

PLEASE NOTE: Dates for the first three meetups are tentative until we have enough members to vote on them.

Please tell us your experience with these topics: (

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