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This is a meetup group for the people who are travelling on a spiritual path all alone or with very little help and guidance.

In modern life, we are left with very little time and energy to pursue a strict and dedicated path, especially a tradition etc. There is a lot to do on the front of survival, jobs, families and businesses. But that does not deter many of us, who are determined to take up a path no matter what. It is still possible to progress.

In this group we will share our own knowledge and experiences on how to go ahead all alone, helping yourself, teaching yourself, and tackling the various obstacles that show up on the path.

Senior or experienced members will try to solve the issues being faced by others, suggest solutions or answer questions and doubts of fellow members. I hope this group will be beneficial for all of us, who, while living a materialistic life, feel an urge to take up a spiritual journey.

All meetings will be totally free of cost.

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The Sunday Q&A

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Sunday Q&A session online. Everyone can share their experiences and wisdom here. We discuss any spiritual topics that you are interested in, or have questions, doubts, problems, or if you are looking for some information or solution on your spiritual practices. Everyone is invited to join please. Location : Online, on Skype (Add this Id : live:tarun.pradhaan or [masked]) Time : Sundays 12:00 noon Language : English Mode : Voice or text. You don't need to be a member of meetup.com group to join. You can also join via this skype conference group: https://join.skype.com/h9vfAWXAIbE2 In case of any difficulties in joining the call, please email or send a personal message to me. Recordings of our past meetings and other awesome talks can be found here: https://pexp.podbean.com A variety of articles about the path of knowledge or nondual paths and useful resources on the subjects of our meetings are on my blog here: http://pureexperiences.blogspot.com/ With Regards, Tarun Organizer SSH

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The Sunday Q&A

Needs a location

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