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Together we will grow spiritually and psychically as we explore metaphysical and spiritual topics, work on psychic development, and come together as a community of like-minded people! Cindy Griffith offers free and reasonable cost classes and channeling that is geared toward all levels of spiritual seekers at different locations including (not limited to) Good Vibes Wellness, Edgar Cayce ARE and Cindy's home on the South Side of Virginia Beach. We will cover lots of topics including Psychic Development, Spiritual Development, Alchemy, Karma, Reincarnation, the Mystics' Journey, Edgar Cayce, Ideals, Prayer, Meditation, and more! Come meet other spiritual seekers as you expand your spirituality.

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The Power of Prayer

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Association for Research and Enlightenment

• What we'll do The Power of Prayer (We take a break after December, so stay tuned for more classes starting in February) Welcome to this FREE event in Virginia Beach! There is hard evidence for the power of prayer. How and when you pray is totally personal, yet Edgar Cayce gave us insight into different types of prayer and especially prayer for healing. Cindy shaers some of her Powerful Prayer stories as together we explore adding prayer to our spirtual tool box. "Prayer is the concerted effort of the physical consciousness to become attuned to the consciousness of the Creator." Edgar Cayce • What to bring nothing really! • Important to know This is a FREE event! I repeat it a few times a month when I am in town.

Evolution of the Soul: How do we get home? (free event)

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Association for Research and Enlightenment

Looking for a new and different understanding of your Soul, it's journey, and the way home? Edgar Cayce reveals an unusual yet somehow comforting story of the birth of our soul, our descent into earthy realms and reminds us that no matter what we may feel, we are guided and on track for a return home as conscious Co-creators with the Divine. Learn how reincarnation and karma play into our return as well as what is required of us to move closer to oneness consciousness. You are never alone, the way has been shown and no matter what your religious or spiritual views, you are on the right path when you approach it with love.

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Ideals: Walking your Spiritual Talk

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Association for Research and Enlightenment

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