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OLIVE TREE - Dixit Card Game to Heighten Intuition!
Be Warmly welcomed into a Heart centered circle to explore soul truth via meditation, tarot card guidance, and authentic sharing and caring in the group. During tonight’s session, we will play DIXIT to heighten intuition and enjoy playful communion with kindred spirits!

Olive Tree Dublin

15 Grantham Street · Dublin 8

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This meetup is about enabling us to create a truly magical life for ourselves. We can achieve this through a better understanding of our souls with the support of tools like Tarot, astrology,dream interpretation and other positive spiritual methods. Within these mystical traditions there is a wealth of knowledge concerning life and the human condition that's open to anyone who cares to take an honest look. By learning and practicing these spiritual arts via fun interactive exercises, our intuitive abilities are greatly increased offering practical insights, self-realized solutions to our problems, and inspiration and encouragement for our wonderful human journey!

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Coming from a highly spiritual family background, Danielle had great training in the intuitive mystical arts since early childhood. Her deep empathy with human beings as unique and equal helps her tune-in to each person as an essential part of the Greater Whole. Known for her passionate and compassionate approach to her life's work, Danielle has featured on RTE television and in several national publications including Women's Way, IMAGE magazine, the Sunday Independent, and Network Magazine.

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