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What we’re about

During this extraordinary time of transition and evolutionary leap of consciousness, it is imperative that we deepen our connection with spirit and our true selves.

Alberto Villoldo, who studied the healing practice of indigenous people, explains that we are going through a process of becoming a new species of human, homo luminous. Opportunities and awakenings often take place when we are pushed to change through conflict, which can be experienced as unsettling.

Honoring many traditions, the intention of these teachings is to offer opportunities to connect with your spirit and form a community of those who wish to remain calm in the midst of chaos and remain connected when things around us have the illusion of disconnection. This will assist us with being steadfast in love and forgiveness and shine a light to help others on this journey.

As it is my soul's purpose to facilitate a space for healing and spiritual evolution, I am grateful for the honor and privilege to share all that with you. Therefore, I amoffering Meetups with a variety of topics and teachings which will empower you to make this shift into homo luminous with grace and ease.

***Vickie Penninger, Sparkling Crystal Dreamer, Healing Facilitator, is a Shamanic Practitioner and Mesa Holder in the Inca Tradition. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Archangelic Light Master Practitioner and Instructor, Crystal Energy Therapist, Quantum Clearing Practitioner and ThetaHealer.

Vickie offers private sessions as well as classes in Munay-Ki, Reiki, Archangelic Light, Past Life Regression, Energetic Cord Cutting, Crystal Energy Therapy and more. Vickie has been teaching since 1997! Visit for more information. You can contact her at 919-828-0876 or


Vickie is excited to offer the following sister Meetups to the Triangle community:

***Crystal Teachings***

In this meetup Vickie will offer classes on many crystal topics, including learning the properties and uses of stones and crystals to help us keep our chakras in balance and alignment, setting up protection for ourselves and our environments (home, office, cars, meditation space, etc.), increasing psychic ability, promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing, and so much more.

These monthly teachings are open to all, from the curious to the expert! No prior experience or special abilities are required and this meetup is open to everyone regardless of experience level.
We are always open to your suggestions of topics of interest. Stones and crystals are available for use during class and for purchase if desired.

***Triangle Meditation and Healing Circle***

Every month, as a gift to the community, Vickie will open her home and heart to facilitate non-denominational gatherings to offer healing, positive thoughts and prayers to individuals, groups, and places. Everyone is welcome!

Even if you are unable to be physically present at one of the gatherings, you can still send names of loved ones (including yourself) to be included in the healing circle. You can email Vickie ( to add your healing requests.
Looking forward to seeing you 'round the circle! 

The Meditation and Healing Circle is a free of charge once a month event (kinda ;0) and we will be gathering in Raleigh and, on occasion, the surrounding area. 

Please consider joining my meetup groups for the most current postings and announcements.

In gratitude, love and light for all your support,
Vickie Penninger