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This group' s mission is  to help ourselves and our loved ones (no matter their ages) to release blocks that are preventing us from moving forward in our lives. There are many spiritual tools available to help us tap into higher guidance, release anxieties, insecurities and fears, enhance self worth and understand and work with energy fields. Each meeting will include a guided meditation along with practice with spiritual tools.
Whether it is for your child or yourself, it is no accident that you are here! I so hope you will RSVP to one of our meetings so I can share with you the amazing spiritual tools that have changed my life and the lives of the many children and adults I have worked with throughout the years! 

Our meetings will always include a guided meditation to bring us to a peaceful and relaxed state. Since I open myself to higher guidance, these meditations are truly guided for all of us and bring much transformation and healing! We will also have a chance to learn about and practice spiritual tools we can use for ourselves and our loved ones.

So how did I initially learn about and receive these universal spiritual tools? Here is the story: As a child I was energy sensitive and drawn to the sacred traditions in my own religion, Judaism, but also had to deep desire to understand other religions as well. When my 4 1/2 year old nephew died in 1993 I began studying the mystical traditions of all cultures, subsequently discovering the universal laws and truths that underlie all religions. 

I understood I was to bring these profound teachings to children and adults which I continue to do as teacher and cantor at Cong. Shirat Shalom (which means Song of Peace) www.shiratshalom.org and through Connection to Healing, a Return to Wholeness for children and adults of all faiths and cultures. Connection to Healing 

As I have evolved and grown so have the tools that are continually given to me. This includes teaching children to open their third eye. Learn more here where children learn to use their third eye to see and read blindfolded: https://connectiontohealing.org/infinite-child-institute/

These universal spiritual tools are especially effective for today's children. Many children and teens on here on earth, to help us all evolve and as a result many have a difficult time adjusting to the way we live and are sensitive to the environment, foods and negative situations. They may have learning challenges and will often absorb other people's issues. With an understanding of how to use our spiritual tools, we can help ourselves and our children release underlying blocks and become more balanced, centered and whole! 

I look forward to all of us meeting each other! 
From my heart, 

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Need some spiritual tools to manage during these unprecedented times? We will learn and use universal tools from the teachings of the Kabbalah and other Traditions appropriate for all faiths and cultures to connect to Healing, Inner Peace, Hope and Joy for ourselves and others! Guided Meditation and Discussion. Kitty Nova Helps Too! Appropriate for Teens and Older Children
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Learn about the Infinite Child Institute where children learn to use their third eye to see and read

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