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Heal in Ways You Never Thought Possible! FREE EVENT
Are you at a cross-roads of your life? Maybe you are scheduled to have surgery, or are recovering from Surgery or diagnosed with health challenge? Need to make a career change, and not sure what to do, because you are so very stressed out and can't see which end is up or down? Or just Sick and Tired about being Sick and Tired? Instead of Feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, this is a better way. Yes, It's Scary, and... You can heal from surgery or your illness and even make changes in your life the Holistic way, Reduce Stress, and align with your healing process. Join Us for Change Your Thoughts About healing: Heal in ways never thought Possible! FREE 90-minute Interactive and educational seminar for those: - Undergoing or Recovering from Surgery - Diagnosed with an illness - Just feel stuck and don't know what to do to change that - "Sick and Tired" about being 'Sick and Tired" Learn: - How to improve your healing, surgical outcomes by awakening your inner healer - How to reduce stress and align with your healing powers - How beliefs and emotions can either help or hinder the healing process - How to formulate a blueprint for healing - How Meditation and other mind body practices can become powerful parts of your healing practices

San Diego County Credit Union

501 North El Camino Real · Encinitas, CA

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The group was started to assist one's physical, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. This is a meditative group, where the facilitator who is a medium, connects the group with the medical teams that are in the spirit world. The purpose of the group is to assist in our own and other's healing process.

This group is for anyone who would like to experience more balance, peace, serenity, and harmony in their lives.

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