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This group is about an exploration for those who are seeking the spiritual development of self on a soul level.
Please understand that all people are at different junctures in their own spiritual growth and this group is about understanding your own perfect place in a World of many and growing yourselves from that point in time.
I look forward to working with each of you and as you grow so do I....

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Mediumship Demonstration with Spiritual Medium Patty Horton in South Carolina!!!

All Souls Metaphysical Chapel


Mediumship Demonstration with Spiritual Medium Patty Horton
Little River, South Carolina Event!!!!!

$30.00 to Attend OR $25.00 when you purchase 2 or more tickets together.
All tickets are purchased through Inner Eye Connections copy and paste the link below in your browser for online ticket purchases....


Please join Spiritual Medium Patty Horton and sit in the gallery for an evening of Mediumship. During this demonstration, she will open herself up to those who gather together. This is where she invites you into her world for just a moment while communicating with those in the Spirit World.

Patty is a gifted Medium, Trance Channel, Spiritual Teacher & Healer. She was formally trained as a direct channel and works hand in hand with her Spirit Guides and Master Teachers. During your time together she will convey the messages from those who she calls her Council in the Spirit World and she will tell you that they have much to say. This is where Patty becomes the vessel as a way to assist you while giving insights into your own life’s journey.

Patty also has the ability to communicate with your crossed-over loved ones. This is where she asks you to view the visit from those that you love as a gift. It is through the messages delivered from those who have crossed over, which oftentimes become the salve upon the hearts of the receivers. It is through these messages, where your loved ones step forth, to help create an opportunity for healing to take place on a multitude of levels here in the physical world.

What to Expect during this Event:

• Mediumship Readings by Patty
• Question and Answer Session
• Experiencing the Power of the I Am Presence

We want you to know that this is not just a Gallery Event it is more than that. This is an opportunity to experience Patty’s abilities as a Medium. It is also an opportunity to learn more about your own place within this world and hopefully answer those questions that you may have for yourself. This is an opportunity to experience the "I Am Presence" in all of its glory as Patty shares with you the power behind the experience.

We hope that you can join us for this very intimate and unique evening of mediumship. Everyone is sure to walk away with a greater understanding of this work as Patty shares her gifts with each of you on this night.

Please know that not everyone is guaranteed a reading at a Demo Event, yet know that she will do her very best to touch as many souls as she possibly can during your time together. Please know that even if you do not receive a reading, messages can be Universal in nature and will touch more souls than just the person who may be receiving the reading on this night.

So we extend an invitation to you, to join this circle of light and love with an open mind and a loving heart. This is where you will all vibe together and open the doorway with intent to the Spirit Worlds' guidance.

Disclaimer: All Events are deemed "Public Events" and can sometimes be photographed or videotaped. Portions of these images can be subject to be used for advertising purposes by Inner Eye Connections & Patricia Horton...By attending these events you give permission for all images to be used without harm or malice towards you....


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Mediumship Demonstration with Medium Patty Horton

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