What we're about

My goal with this group is to create an in-person community focused on self-mastery who encourages each other and celebrates personal victories together.

This group is for people who want to win their inner battles and people who want to make our culture healthier and our world more enjoyable. Spiritual Kung fu is about making our world better through improving the quality of what you contribute to our culture by winning your inner battles and becoming a master. A self-master.

Spiritual Kung fu weekly show! In addition to being part of this in-person group, you can listen to my weekly radio show "Spiritual Kung fu" on Bold Brave Media (Thursday nights 7-8PM Central Time). You can access this show (live and replays) by clicking this link (To access the replays, click "Read More" at the bottom of the page this link brings you to):


The 1st 2 episodes of this radio show are the origin story of Spiritual Kung fu. The rest of the episodes are either about self-mastery of bringing light to the darkness. Some examples of other topics in my show are:

• Mental Kung fu skills

• the conflict of men & women

• Transcendent body care

Listen to the Spiritual Kung fu show. This will help us in our discussions when we get together...and help you win your inner battles.

For a quick description of how you our world better by mastering yourself, read these brief articles I wrote on self-mastery.

I hope they encourage and inspire you! They will definitely give you a sense of what Spiritual Kung fu is about as well as what our group is about.

Article 1: http://blog.thewellnessuniverse.com/self-mastery-better-world-part-1/

Article 2: http://blog.thewellnessuniverse.com/self-mastery-better-world-part-2/

You can find the rest of my articles on self-mastery by clicking the following link to my author page: https://blog.thewellnessuniverse.com/?s=accolon+hollingsworth

The ultimate goal for this meetup group is to connect with each other as a community focused in the themes of Spiritual Kung fu (winning inner battles, self-mastery, making our world more enjoyable).

We will get together for focused discussions about all this, and support each other with inspiration, connection and encouragement. We can do some light-hearted socializing too!

I invite you to create this community with me. I welcome your input on times to meet and topics of interest.

About Spiritual Kung fu:

Spiritual Kung fu is my system of self-mastery. I spent 25 years developing it. Using spiritual kung fu to help people master themselves is my life's work.

Spiritual Kung fu is comprised of skills and practices that:

• put you in your power

• strengthen your soul, your mind and your body

• make you emotionally free

• enliven you with inspiration

• heal you

• defend your well-being

As a Life Coach, in addition to training people in self-mastery, I help with spiritual parenting and overcoming challenges.

If you want learn more about my life coaching services, visit my website: http://www.innervictorypower.com

If you want self-mastery training, I have a year long training program that will transform you into a master. You will get lots of personalized training by me. Email me to let me know that you want to become a master and we will set up a training consultation.

Accolon Hollingsworth, Founder of Spiritual Kung fu, Self-mastery Trainer, Life Coach, Kung fu Teacher Email: Accolon@innervictorypower.com (https://outlook.office365.com/owa/?realm=innervictorypower.com&exsvurl=1&ll-cc=1033&modurl=0)

Website: www.innervictorypower.com (https://innervictorypower.com/)

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Spiritual Kung fu Exploration!

Gro Tonka Park

Spiritual Kung fu Exploration!

Gro Tonka Park