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Calling all seekers of TRUTH and a higher purpose.

This group is particularly for those souls searching for higher meaning through spirituality and going on a journey within yourself to discover things beyond your imagination. Those looking for inner change and personal development to be able to tap into your divine consciousness which is both eternal and all knowing. Perhaps for some who may have experienced a spiritual shift and understand that there is quite some turbulence involved and need a safe haven to be able to exchange ideas and gain knowledge. A group where we can learn together, have fun and explore the more "conscious" side of our most inner being. As we awaken, many of us seek community as the world and what we knew it to be just doesn't resonate with us anymore.
We seek connection with other like minded individuals.

I'd like to share my personal experience, the teachings I received and how I know they can help you to discover more of the untapped capabilities you have within. Where we can discover more love, compassion, purpose, inner strength, fearlessness, peace, resilience, equanimity and being able to live a life more fulfilled within Divine Consciousness. Then being able to access universal law to attract to yourself the life and wellbeing you so deserve in this human experience.

I also believe we can get quite serious on our inner journeys. I'd like to introduce some fun and laughter. For those qualities of humour are a meditation on their own. Also getting out into nature which is the best tool for grounding when going through major spiritual shifts.

Going on an inner journey is not for the faint of heart. For within we discover things about ourselves that aren't so pretty. But, when we shine the light of our awareness onto the darker sides of our being we allow for light to shine through from our inner core . We change the old useless for the new self, just like a butterfly breaking free of its cocoon. Some of us also may experience depression, anxiety and even a loss of interest in the things we once cherished. Understand that these are only temporary situations as they are necessary for a higher presence to make home within your core. Also navigating a Dark Night of the Soul which can be quite a frightening experience. I've been there... so I can relate.

Understand that you don't need to go to India, or the holy lands, sit under a bhodi tree or to saturate yourself in literature to make progress. It can become a feeling of chasing your tail and frustration sets in. For all you need is to go within. What you are searching for is trying to find you, YOU just need to move out of the way!

For when does a seeker become a finder? And when do we discover who and what we truly are?

If this resonates with you then I welcome you kindly to express and learn together and to create deeper connections. As we awaken light attracts light so here "I am".

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Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne

Hello lovely people, Ok in this discussion/get together I'd like to bring up again topics raised in our prior meet up about Self Mastery. We're not quite ready to move onto other things yet so I invite those who missed out on the 1st discussion and also those who attended to see where we're at. Here's a little excerpt from that meet which i'd like to discuss and reflect upon again and see if those have been putting to practice these tools. All are welcome as there is no linear path to follow and we can jump in at any stage to receive teachings. "Topics will include things such as self observation, self will, self remembering, forgiveness of self, ego retraining and practicing gratitude. I'm all about self transformation. We get caught up in a world of "too much information and not enough transformation". This time we have a larger room for use so the more the merrier, I say. So lets get together for an afternoon of deep discussion, reflection and we'll do a guided meditation designed to awaken your heart space. Looking forward to seeing you then. Thanks Hugo.

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Wirrawilla Rainforest Walk

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