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Mani Healing was founded as a spiritual healing, awakening & transformational enterprise by Mani Goel in Hong Kong upon receiving guidance to share healing & spiritual wisdom with more people in a non-dogmatic and non-ritualistic manner, and go public with her gifts as a spiritual healer and teacher.

Organizer's ( Mani Goel's) Bio:

Based primarily in Hong Kong, Mani currently dedicates most of her time to share her wisdom and spiritual gifts to inspire and motivate others to lead happier and successful lives. She actively teaches, conducts transformational workshops, seminars, talks, inspirational events, personal spiritual mentoring and healing sessions, meditation circles internationally and travels frequently.

As a natural clairvoyant and intuitive, she helps people connect with their higher selves and provides them spiritual guidance and advice pertaining to their lives and future. She serves as an inspirational teacher, mentor, life coach and spiritual medium. She also provides Spiritual Healing Sessions for serious illnesses.

As an artist she produces Abstract –Light and Energy Art WorkÔ- infused with spiritual energy and healing light codes, suitable for all kinds of spaces-office, residential, hospitals, hotels, wellness centres.

She also produces personalised Light and Energy Imprints upon order.

Her first book is entitled- Angels’ Wisdom For Your Life, Part 1 (of a trilogy). Mani is also working on several other written works and creative projects.

About this Meetup:

This meetup has been founded with a vision to be a tool and guiding source towards spiritual healing, spiritual awakening, consciousness transformation, personal growth, empowerment and self-enhancement. We will organize events and regular meetups with a sole aim - to share healing & spiritual wisdom, knowledge and tools to help our members in their spiritual quest, personal growth, healing & well-being, self-realization and maximizing their potential. We all wish to advance forward through this journey and earthly experience we all call "life" in a loving and peaceful manner but sometimes life as we experience it in physical reality turns out to be quite the opposite- stressful, laden with dissatisfaction or a sense of emptiness presenting us with challenges in areas of health, career, money, wellness, relationships, etc.

It is as such times, we realize, the change cannot be external, it has be internal.

Something within us has to be changed at that time, for us to live in an enhanced manner. And then we have a choice to act and discover the tools that can help us bring about such inner changes and discover the power within ourselves that had been lying buried for ages. Once we discover those tools and utilize them, it results in a process of - Spiritual Healing, Awakening, Transformation. We then begin to realize our higher potential, start living from a state of higher consciousness and discover our spiritual gifts and powers such as psychic power, creative talents, power of healing, and above all our true selves as a - Divine Being and Pure Light.

Through this meetup we aim to organize events, talks, seminars, workshops that can help you and help us all to realize ourselves as Divine Beings and Pure Light.

Therefore, if you are interested in Awakening to your higher potential, joyful & peaceful living, learning about Healing Wisdom, Divine Consciousness, Wish to develop your Psychic Gifts. Want to get connected with your Spiritual Entourage or Guardian Angels or Angelic Consciousness,

If you wish to obtain further clarity about your life purpose, career, guidance about future, your relationships and health issues then you should join this meetup. We are aimed at inspiring everyone to live with a sense of peace, love and joy, which can emanate only from within and not without. Once we as individuals undergo such transformation, we will then all be able to collectively raise the consciousness of our planet and the city we all call home- Hong Kong.

A very hearty, loving and joyous welcome to you. Let's journey along

Thank you for making us a part of your Precious Life.

With Love & Angels' Blessings


Author, Spiritual Medium & Healer, Teacher, Artist & Filmmaker.



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