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What we’re about

Hey Happy Soul!

This group is all about positivity and channeling this positive energy to manifest our desires in life. We'll talk about techniques of Law of Attraction and look at some spiritual practices with the law of attraction.

This group purely and solely focuses on bringing positive changes to your life. During our meetings, we will all collectively discuss techniques of law of attractions, ideas, experiences, concerns, suggestions to help each other out as we make progress on our journey of fulfillment.

I have seen law of attraction working for many of our members, including in my own life. The purpose of creating a group is to be able to have a larger group of positive people, while we help each other with our positive energy. In order to improve life, we will not only look at positivity, law of attraction but also some of spiritual practices that some of us have experienced. Eventually, the goal is to alleviate life towards positivity.

Some of the topic discussed in the meetings are later also covered in our podcast. The Spiritual Circle Podcast is available on Apple iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Podcast along with our website at

We are not aligned to any religion or sect, and this group is open for everyone. Rather, we are aligned to humanity! You are also requested to have open heart and mind when you interact with other members even though there might be different religious or life beliefs.

I do sincerely wish for your happiness and fulfillment!

Bless you and take care!