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What we’re about

A warm welcome to our spiritual community! 🙏

This group is dedicated to:

  • The cultivation of Spiritual Wisdom and Meditation practice. We learn the essentials and teachings that lead to Spiritual Growth, Maturation and Awakening. In our gatherings we cultivate and practice silence, presence, the activation of the subtle energy body and eternal wisdom that makes us whole and content. We practice meditation, have wisdom talks and dive deep into spiritual inquiry.

  • Experiencing and having tastes of the brilliant method of Numerology in order to gain even greater clarity about who we are, our true destiny in this lifetime and how to align with the universal tides.

Everyone is invited, no previous experience required.

About me - I'm a Numerology Expert and Spiritual Teacher. I've been dedicating my life to the spiritual path for more than 20 years, have studied 13 years with a spiritual teacher mainly in the Yogic tradition and 7 years with a Numerology teacher. I've been guiding people both individually and in groups for the past 10 years using the wisdom of spirituality, meditation and numerology.

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