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In this group we focus on:

• Spiritual Growth & Practice Gatherings - In our gatherings we learn about and practice silence, presence, the activation of the subtle fields of consciousness and eternal wisdom that makes us whole and content. We practice meditation, have wisdom talks and dive deep into spiritual inquiry.

Everyone is invited, no previous experience required.

About me - I'm a Spiritual Guide and Numerology Expert. I've been dedicating my life to the spiritual path for the last 18 years, have studied 13 years with a spiritual teacher mainly in the Yogic tradition. I've been working with people both individually and in groups for the last 10 years. I'm also a certified Chakra Reader, Senior Expansion Method practitioner and a Fitness Trainer.


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Satsang - Diving into the Eternal

Online event

Satsang - Diving into the Eternal

Online event


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