5-Week Meditation Program - The Hidden Secrets of Happiness & Peace

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Price: €155.00 /per person

At my living room

Goltzstrasse 51, Schoeneberg (5th floor) · Berlin

How to find us

"Eckert/Bäuerlein" on the bell


The 5-Week Meditation Training Program is designed to take you on a deep transformational journey in which you'll learn the deepest secrets of Meditation as a way to achieve:

• Deep access to Complete Inner Peace
• Heightened sensitivity to the Energetic and Subtle Realms
• Solid sense of Confidence and Powerful Inner Center
• Connection to unbounded Wisdom and Joy
• Understanding your Inner Guidance and True Destiny

Every week we will meet to learn and practice one of the 5 modules.

Module 1 - Deep access to Complete Inner Peace:

This module will teach you a clear and direct way for letting go into the Natural Peace of your Being. You will learn the Universal Laws of Inner Peace and how to let it fill you from within.

Module 2 - Heightened sensitivity to the Energetic and Subtle Realms:

This module will open your Energy Body to a higher possibility of sensing subtle frequencies, flows and vibrations that are beyond the physical. This will help you understand the delicate, subtle and intelligent processes you are going through at any time and the capacity to understand others much better.

Module 3 - Solid sense of Confidence and Powerful Inner Center:

This module will show you that you are in essence unbreakable. That your Living Being cannot be ruined, distorted or bent. You will discover an Inner Strength and Confidence that don't rely on what others think or say about you, but solely on your own Solid Knowing of Yourself.

Module 4 - Connection to unbounded Wisdom:

This module will enable you to tap into the infinite well of Wisdom that is inherent within you. You will learn to tap into the Creative Dimension of your Being and extract Deep Wisdom, Answers and Inspiration whenever you need them.

Module 5 - Understanding your Inner Guidance and True Destiny:

This module will enhance your connection with your Inner Guidance as a way to always be aware of what your Soul is telling you moment to moment. Following your Soul you will discover your True Destiny on this planet.

What you get in addition:

• All lessons will be recorded and sent to you after each lesson.
• Each lesson will allow you to ask and receive personal guidance about your specific process during the training.
• Between lessons you will receive personal guidance to personalize your experience and make sure you make the best of this program.
• You will receive the summarized material that includes both the theoretical and practical part of every module.
• You get to be part of a growing community of dedicated meditators and spiritual practitioners that support each other on the path of happiness and inner peace.

Fee: 155€
Training Duration: 5 weeks
Lesson time: 2.5 hours

*** Payment should be transferred via Bank Transfer or Cash no later than January 7th.

* Please note that photos and videos of the event will be taken


I'd definitely recommend the 5-Week Meditation Program to anyone interested in meditation, whether a beginner or someone already with some experience. The program is nicely divided into 5 key aspects of meditation, with all modules building perfectly upon one another, leaving one with a solid foundation. Tom really is great at expressing deep wisdom and understanding. I learned and benefited much more from his teaching than I initially expected! ~ Harry

"The 5-week Meditation Program by Tom Eckert was a great asset to my personal and spiritual growth. The beauty of this exercise for me was the shared experience with Tom and the others. I love the sangha!
Thank you for guiding me into love! ~ Manfred

" Tom's 5 week course opened up new experiences for me. Tom has a precious ability as a teacher to communicate and bring about insights. I also learnt new approaches to meditation that have been a blessing. "
~ Antoine