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This is an open group for spiritual "seekers' who know (deep down) that there is more than we have been "sold." The real truth is available to those ready to hear it. The time is now to "awaken" to who we REALLY are, where we came from and what the heck are we doing here.

Can you feel the changes happening inside you? Can you feel the energy shifting? There is a collective "awakening" occurring, a raising of the planets vibration happening RIGHT NOW. We are in a time of great transformation. Things will never go back to the "old ways." Those ways are broken and obsolete. We are entering into a "New Age" a beautiful age of love and peace for those that choose to evolve with the planet. The earth is changing with or without us.

This groups purpose is to bring together like minded souls who seek to learn the truth of what's really going on here. We will support each other through these difficult times of transformation. We will teach each other the truth backed by solid research, yes even scientific research to show that our planet has been populated by civilizations, much more advanced than ours for 100's of thousands of years. Its time to deal with the truth for there is no raising of the collective consciousness without it.

This group will focus its studies and discussions based on the following medium work of Alan Kardec, past life regression therapy sessions by Delores Cannon and Edgar Casey.

My primary goal is to provide and safe, judgement free platform and events that allow those who are truly seeking but haven't a place to go for knowledge and support. My secondary goal is to meet other like minded people who are passionate about solving life's mysteries. I promise you, ALL the answers are available to those who want them bad enough. If that is you, this group is also for you.

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