Spiritualist Chapel of the Pines

  • Auburn, CA
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www. spiritualistchapelofthepines.org

The Spiritualist religion "helps us understand our true nature as eternal spirit and our relationship to God.... Spirit communication enriches the lives of those here on earth and those in spirit..." Paraphrased from Stephen A Hermann

We gather in a friendly circle on Friday evenings at 7 pm to connect with Spirit, receive messages and grow in our personal spiritual understanding of mediumship and our life's purpose and path.

We are a Spiritualist based group meeting on Sundays for a morning service, spirit greetings and camaraderie each week at 10:am.

If you are on a spiritual path and are seeking a group that can inspire, teach and grow with you, come join us!

Our Friday evenings are hosted by Gary McKnight, Lynda Lauts, Terri Freitag and other gifted mediums.