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What we're about

What is the group about and who is if for?

The formation of this group is to create a community of like minded souls. This group is for the holistic healers, conscious co-creators, love warriors, world changers, explorers of self and people who just want to live their life in high vibration. We will be learning, teaching, growing, laughing, and helping each other reach new levels on our journey. This group is about is about finding and becoming your best self, achieving the life you are searching for, and lighting up the world.

H - Holistic
A - Awakening
P - Peace
P - Positive vibes
E - Exploration
N - Nature
I - Illumination
N - Nourishment of the Spirit
G - Growth
S - Sacred circle

What will take place within the group?

** Classes/Events - I will be on a constant lookout for classes and events that feed the soul.

** Social - We will gathering just for fun, connection, and conversation. Maybe share a meal, have a game night, go on a nature walk, or things like that.

** Women's Moon Temples - We will gather twice a month to be heard, held and healed in a circle of our sisters. This is a space of deep safety and heart opening. A place to be whatever it is you need to be. To receive nourishment through the simple and profound healing that can come through sitting in a circle of women. We will host ceremony and honor the Red Tent Moon time mysteries. We will share, bond with each other, shed the old and proclaim the new!

** Energy Healing Night - Once a month we invite all energy healers to share their gifts and medicine with each other.

** Happy Bookers - We will read books that ignite and feed our fire, that aide in personal growth and guide us in self exploration. We will meet once a month, a new book each month. This will be a women's only gathering.

** Empowered Empath - We will meet to learn techniques in protecting yourself and just the daily dealing with being an empath or a highly sensitive person.

** Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys - We will meet to learn about, work with and journey with a variety of different plant spirit essences.

** Earth Healing - We will meet to meditate and/or chant in an effort to give healing to Mother Earth and/or her inhabitants large and small. As well as, raise global consciousess

** Shadow Work - We will meet to learn about shadow work, the different archetypes and participate in healing processes.

** Starseed Connection - We will meet once a month to share in our journeys of what it means to be a Starseed.

** Sound Healing

If you have gifts or medicine that you wish to share in a class or event please contact the organizer to post the event.

We do have a couple requests that must be understood before joining this group. First, each meetup should be treated as a sacred circle of confidentially; this group is a judgment free, friendly, open, accepting group! Anyone who cannot act accordingly will be promptly removed. Secondly, please be respectful and keep your RSVP up to date. If you are running late please contact the host.

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