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Spiritual Inspiration at Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection with Silo's Message

“Here are joy, love of the body, of nature, of humanity, and of the spirit.” Silo

Enter the quiet of nature...... and take a break from the noise of the City. This meetup is for those of us living in the NY area who want to take trips out of the City to relax, meditate, reflect, reconnect with ourselves, make friends and find spiritual inspiration in nature. All are welcome to join. All our events are held at the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection, a non-profit retreat center and park –– a true haven from the grind of daily life. The Park is open year-round and located just south of Kingston, 90 miles from NYC, in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

Since we began our meetup four years ago, we have organized a variety of events including seminars, workshops and retreats as well as social gatherings, BBQs, etc.

SPECIAL EVENT: During two weekends in the summer we host Spiritual Camping (http://www.meetup.com/Spirituality-Nature-Meetup-Day-trips-out-of-NYC/events/223229162/) an experience wecombine spirituality, nature & camping (for those who prefer sleeping indoors, beds are available in the retreat house). People can choose to come for a day or several days. We'll be taking advantage of the beautiful months of summer to be inspired, be close to nature, spend time with like-minded people and deepen our spiritual experience.


About the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection

The Parks of Study and Reflection (http://www.meetup.com/Spirituality-Nature-Meetup-Day-trips-out-of-NYC/pages/What_are_the_Parks_of_Study_and_Reflection%3F) are places where people can experience spiritual renewal and friendship. They are sacred spaces that embody an atmosphere which nourishes the spirit and softens tension, facilitating inspiration and inner peace. The Hudson Valley Park is part of network of more than fifty such parks located around the world.

The Hudson Valley Park is a 5-acre property with a retreat center which overlooks a large meadow, with several meeting rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, library and lodging for 12. The real beauty of the Park is a dense and hilly forest with winding paths, a sacred fountain, a wide stream fed by a waterfall and a hill known as the Summit, that is both a lookout and a natural meditation “hall”.



A day of spiritual inspiration and Silo's Message

Interspersed with walks in the forest, we practice a guided meditation that helps us gain energy and awareness. We also learn about practical yet profound tools to help overcome the difficulties and contradictions we face in everyday life. Group discussions and sharing are also a valuable part of our activities. Meditating with others and sharing helps to enrich the experience.

Some of the fundamental themes that we are concerned with are: meaning in life, growing happiness, discovering one’s Purpose, unity, surpassing suffering, transcendence and immortality.

The seminars and retreats are based on Silo’s Message which is divided into three sections, The Book (http://www.meetup.com/Spirituality-Nature-Meetup-Day-trips-out-of-NYC/pages/Meditation/), The Experience (http://www.meetup.com/Spirituality-Nature-Meetup-Day-trips-out-of-NYC/pages/The_Experience/) and The Path (http://www.meetup.com/Spirituality-Nature-Meetup-Day-trips-out-of-NYC/pages/The_Path/) and the Manual for Messengers (both are available at amazon.com or can be downloaded for free at silo.net).

The Message is not a course or a religion or a self-help group. It's a simple and powerful way to experience the sacred within you and around you. It’s not important what you believe. What’s important is the direct experience of making contact with the deepest aspect of yourself.

For information about Silo and his teachings visit www.silo.net, the website dedicated to providing accurate versions of the texts of Silo’s writings and audio visual materials.

The Organizers

We are a group of volunteers of different ages, nationalities and levels of experience. We share the common interest of wanting to explore the spiritual dimension of Silo’s teachings. Additionally, we get together at a weekly meeting on Tuesday night (Union Square) in NYC join us http://www.meetup.com/New-York-Meditation-g... (http://www.meetup.com/New-York-Meditation-group-Union-Square-based-on-The-Message/).

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Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection

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Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection

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Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection

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