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Twin Hearts Meditation and Pranic Healing
Twin Hearts meditation was create by Master Choa Kok Sui, a chemical energineer. If you know any engineers - they are definitely not woo woo! He approached energy healing from a logical and scientific approach. Out of his humanitarianism he created an easy meditation for all people to apply to healing in our physical, emotional and psychological issues. Business is very much Energy, what we put out is what we attract. How we conduct ourselves and interact with others is what our reputation is built from. What we feel and think about oursevles and our business is to what degree of success we acheive. Come do the meditation and see for yourself the changes that will happen for you. Donation based event $5- $20 We also have a weekly Wednesday night meditation in Dunwoody at 7pm to find out more also visit

With Love and Light Studio

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Do you want to integrate your spirituality and your work? My goal for this NEW group is to provide a forum for people to discuss how to advance their spiritual practice as they succeed professionally -- whether at a company or at their own business. Many people today find that when they are on a spiritual path, it is difficult for them to talk about or practice their spirituality in the workplace. This can change! It is possible to create harmony between who you are (spiritual practice) and what you do (job/business). We want the members of this group to have an abundant life -- to thrive personally and professionally by applying principles from Law of Attraction, Metaphysics, meditation, etc. In this group, we want to provide a safe environment to: - Discuss topics related to spirituality/science - Understand the purpose of your life - Achieve greater balance in your life. - Harmonize spirituality and business - Introduce new techniques for expanding your connection to source - Meet like-minded people I am a former corporate executive that got off the super-highway to lead a more balanced and spiritual life. I now own two entrepreneurial ventures and have successfully integrated my spiritual practices into my business. If you are interested in learning how to integrate your spiritual life and your work/business, this group is for you. You can make a difference! After our first meeting, we will set up a structure, timing and topics. I suspect that we will have a lecture or book review with a discussion following the presentation. We can also discuss issues/concepts/etc on the meet-up site. Everyone is welcome!

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