What we're about

This book club is for open-minded individuals who are passionate about the possibilities to create a better life for themselves and transform the world around them, finding inspirations in the best of both worlds - from highly spiritual, to the very down to earth.

The intention for this group is to create a community of people who love learning from each other's experiences, enjoy sharing their own thoughts without having to fear being judged - or being called "crazy" ;-), and don't take themselves too seriously.
Whether you are just curious, or already totally into Spirituality combined with Self development - all levels of interest are welcome!

The books suggested will be written by the most respected authors worldwide, such as Abraham Hicks, Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, and more.

Spirituality and Religion in my views are two very different values. This group will respect any religions but won't study them.

We will meet once a month as these books are usually slow read. It will take the pressure off a too short deadline - yet adding just the right amount for us to create more time into our daily life and read more of those awesome books!

Each session will start and end with a mini meditation of 10 mins each, as a mean to bring us together as a group, and leave with a clear intention in our hearts.

The new book will be voted by the group, so we will continue our journey on a wave of diversity.

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