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Welcome.. This forum has been created to bring together like minded individuals who are on a spiritual path. I hope to use this channel to meet individuals, share experiences and knowledge as we each journey through our lives. The group will focus on many different topics; Consciousness, Affirmations, Dreams, Visualizations, Natural Medicine, NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming, EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Various healing methodologies, Discussion of various religions, Meditations, Metaphysics, Nutrition, Yoga, Developing Intuitive Skills; channeling etc, Hypnosis, Aura viewing, Vibrational healing, Neuroscience and the power of the mind etc..

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Discover Dowsing for Geopathic Stress for your self, family, animals and home!

Hello everyone, As you know I will be in Peru for the month of May + first week of June - working with 2 different groups of Shamans and also visiting Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Inca/mayan trails and other sites! I look forward to sharing this adventure as we look to arrange some spiritual trips as part of our group, training and spiritual ascension! As many of you know, I am also in real estate and this year, I decided to merge my spiritual & holistic practices as part of my real estate services offering. I will be recording what I do with homes, such as detecting geopathic stress zones, energy cleansing, Vastu, Feng Shui, Feng Shui staging etc to create a fresh, blessed space for the new home owners or sell homes. In this session I want to share with you a very cool process that can help you diagnose and remedy some detrimental effects in your home, for your family, animals, farm, stalls, garden and property in general. We are going to discuss Geopathic Stress! You may have never heard about geopathic stress before but it is all around us and it impacts us! We have lots of these kinds of things happening in our environment and homes. They may be caused by different things. They may also "appear". In Northern VA we also deal with Radon Gas, Cell Phone Towers, geological faults, mineral deposits, ley line crossings, and geomagnetic grid crossings. In Feng Shui, this kind of energy is called Sha Qi. It may be the single most effective things you do for your self, family, home, property and animals. It is easy to do! Here is what you will discover: • What is a geopathic stress? • What are the different causes Geopathic stress? • Different ways you can detect it? • Nature shows us signs with plants, animals and even humans. • Learning how to Dowse for geopathic Stress • How to tune in with your dowsing & asking the right questions. • Other ways you can detect geopathic stress • Ways to remedy or Cure We are going to meet at the Riverbend park so we can connect with Mother Earth. It is also easy to notice the signs in nature so we will walk through and notice the signs. This is a great way for you to connect with your dowsing rods and subtle energies without the impact of modern day environment. You will need to bring your own dowsing rods, You can purchase your own dowsing rods from Amazon – see my recommended ones on my new website at https://ayda.net/geomancy/ This is going to be a 2-2.5 hr - Hands-On-Learning session. You can stay a little later if you like. You can also invite your kids or friends if you would like for them to learn how to do this. we are going to limit this to 20 people. Please RSVP to reserve your spot. I will provide additional materials. My goal is to share my knowledge and skills with as many people as possible and in order to do that, this year I am putting a lot of my practices online as videos and online courses. This session will be free to those who attend the Meetup session in exchange for allowing me to record it, so I can share successes, struggles with the rest of the world. If you RSVP, you are agreeing to be part of the sharing and recordings :) I look forward an awesome sharing session!

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