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Crystal Meditation, Messages, and Stone Power

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This will be a led meditation. It involves the use of a quartz crystal to amplify the experiences percieved once we have open the chakra system. If you have a crystal please bring it. If you don't have one I will bring some cleansed crystals for use during the meditation. Please bring a small notebook to write down anything you get during meditation. That way you'll remember what came across during the meditation and be able to share your message with us. There is no pressure, no expected messages, it may be as simple as colors or sounds or smells. Those can have huge meanings when you know what questions to ask your inner self and how they relate to your life. So there is no reason to be shy, we are all here for the same reasons....we are gifted spirits of the light finding our way on our enlightened spiritual paths! After the messages i will talk a bit about the ancient power of different crystals and gems. How you can use them in your everyday life to enhance your awareness, aid in healing, protect yourself and the list goes on. This is a huge topic and if there is a draw to stones and their abilities I have practiced with them in meditations, healings, prayers, protection etc over 30 years. I don't leave home without them....not all of them because i would need a wheelbarrow, and i am not sure i could push it LOL. but the ones I am drawn to...every morning. :) Come join in the fun, and see if this makes it easier to recieve some messages!