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Psychometry, Reading energies from Physical Objects

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Join us for a evening of Psychometry!! We will meditate, in which we will open ourselves to reading the energy from physical objects. This will be a hands on class (no pun intended), where everyone will try reading the energy from an item.

Please bring 2 items you wish to be read. The first item can either be an item from, or picture of a loved one that has passed. Please only bring an item that you have not worn, as this will have your energy imprinted on it. The second item will be an item of your own. The objects have to be small enough for a person to hold in one hand. Example: piece of jewelry, a watch, a coin, a locket. This is a learning class, so any level from beginner to seasoned pro are welcome. Come and join in on the fun!!

Also let us keep our objects a secret, so if you are coming with someone, don't tell the person you are coming with what you brought..... Shhhhh!!