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The intention of our group is to awaken to our true nature and purpose within a supportive community. We do many types of activities, such as workshops and community gatherings, hikes on local trails, outings to local spiritual centers, group meditations, and more.

This group is led by Spiritual Counselor and Energy Medicine practitioner, Kelley Neumann. To learn more about Kelley, please visit her website at http://www.Kelley-Neumann.com or email her directly at kelley@kelley-neumann.com.

Co-Organizers of Spiritually Human are Jackie Ames ( http://skyandground.com ) and Alexandra Davis (https://www.diamondstaracupuncture.com).&nb...;

Join our group so that you can:

-Build community and genuine connection with other like-minded awesome people.

-Know confidently who you are-- both at the level of spirit and level of human individuality.

-Learn techniques to live your day with a deep sense of inner peace, regardless of the circumstances in the world around you.

-Discover how to love yourself and become your own inner sanctuary of compassion and acceptance.

-Connect to your life purpose and express it powerfully in the world to create a life rich with meaning and contribution.

-Learn to access and confidently own your greatest strengths so that you can create the career, relationships, and financial goals you desire in an empowered way.

We're so excited for you to join the community and share with us your authentic self! We look forward to meeting you!

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Mindfulness and Connection Hike from Shanahan Ridge Trailhead

Shanahan Ridge Trailhead

It's time to gather IN PERSON in Boulder, Colorado! We will hike a loop that starts and ends at Shanahan Ridge Trailhead on Lehigh Street in south Boulder.

Before departing, I will lead a talk on the value of mindfulness with our inner experience. Next, I'll guide you through a brief meditation where you all will be invited to check in with yourselves on the feelings, sensations, and emotions present in your body. We'll look for what your body is currently saying feels the most important.

Then, you will be invited to share what you noticed with someone else while we hike together as a group. This is a powerful way to build connection with others because you jump past the awkward small talk and relate more deeply from an authentic level. Occasionally, we will stop again to breathe and check in with our inner experience. People will be encouraged to practice good listening skills with one another so that everyone feels heard and understood.

Of course, we'll also make sure to have fun, get to know one another, and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. Join us to practice presence with yourself on a weekend morning, meet like-minded souls, and get some exercise!

Hike will be led by Spiritually Human MeetUp organizer, Kelley Neumann. More information can be found at www.Kelley-Neumann.com. Feel free to write a comment below or direct message if you have any questions.

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