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The Raising Your Spiritual Certainty curriculum will help you create better relationships, have more self-love and know your spiritual purpose.

This meetup combines student/teacher Mea, on her Female Healing journey, and D.R.'s clairvoyant expertise having done almost 4000 psychic readings and spiritual healings.

Our psychic Zoom classes combine humor, enthusiasm and universal energy tools to make learning about meditation and your psychic energy abilities as fun and easy as possible.

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"I don't know." Knowing what you want - Why it is so hard sometimes.

There are 3-words that do nothing to help you along your life journey,

"I don't know."

However almost no one has a problem sharing,

"I know what I don't want."

In this 2-part class we will do energy work and explore why it is so much easier to articulate what you don't want and sometimes almost impossible to say what you do want.

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Connecting with what you want - Part 2 - Everyone gets a reading

Needs a location

In the first class on January 26th we will delve into why most people are 10 times more comfortable saying what they don't want vs what they do want.

In this class we will look at individual energy blocks that are keeping you from letting the Universe give you what you want. Often times these blockages affect people in similar ways.

Doing energy work to get more connected with how to know and express what you want is a fabulous act of self-love. Join us! Everyone will get a reading on this topic.

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