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Hello, During my first reading many years ago, I remember thinking,

"How could they know that about me?"

While I had heard about chakras, auras, past lives and spirit guides, those things were in some other realm.

I was sure, they did not have anything to do with me or my life.

But when people I have never met before, shared how they saw me...

"There is no way they would know that. They did not ask me any questions at all."

They were psychically reading me and said what they saw.

Very strange that I could live my whole life and know nothing of this.

I had to decide whether to close my mind or, maybe there was something true here.

Come get a real clairvoyant reading, where people see you and decide for yourself.

Relax, it is always really great to be seen!


619 261-1271

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Special Healing Night - We'll Remove Black Energy from your Space

San Diego Clairvoyance & Healing Center


One of the taboos in Spirituality and Energy work is whether or not to look at Black Energy. It seems scary and something that most people don't want to look at or talk about. Yet, it is an energetic vibration and has a specific frequency. Tuesday night March 26th - we will do Black energy healings on everyone in attendance. Maybe it is this energy (that most people are afraid to look at) that acts as a road block for your health and happiness. Why not have us take a look and move it out of your space? See you soon, D.R. [masked] Class is from 6:00-8:00PM: Everyone will get an individual clairvoyant healing Class is $20 Directions: [masked]st Street San Diego, CA 92105 [masked] – D.R.’s Cell From the 15 Freeway, take the University Ave exit and head East one block to 41st Street. Hang a right (Mexican Drive-thru at the corner) and go 7 blocks down and we are the last house on the right. You can only see the garage and the vegetable garden from the street. There is a side road that bends to the left where you can park along the fence if it is crowded. Usually there are some parking spaces on the street in front of our house. We live in a Canyon and have a secluded house that makes for a great place to do energy work. Go ahead and park in the driveway if it is available.

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