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Practical Clairvoyance -"Play Psychic Defense" Tools to make your life better!

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No "Woo woo" here as Practical Clairvoyance is the theme of the day.

We are still missing the words to describe how it feels to be the master of your domain without sounding overly grandiose. When we talk about raising one's vibration, really what we mean is to find your true vibration - which in many cases means lowering the frequency you run so that you can be inside your body more.

It is very tough to create in the physical world when you are hanging around outside your body rather than in the driver's seat.

When people mention your higher-self, here it means your own information and your authentic energy.

The currently popular paths of channeling, mediumship and "downloading from source" is not taught here. Giving up your seniority to spirit guides no longer will seem like a preferred option after you find your real space.

Working to discover your natural enthusiasm and creative inspiration almost always means kicking foreign energy, concepts, pictures and programming out of your space.

There is nothing finer that going within and actually finding you!

This "you" is choice. No need to evolve just choose and the rest will take care of itself.

Over the next two Monday nights, we will work:

Part 1 - Finding your way - without connecting to your energy, information and joy; how can you be a powerful manifester? Each person will receive a customized game plan to take back your power from other people's beliefs, limitations and rules. The "shoulds" in your life "should" be your choice. (I call this Spiritual Freedom)

Part 2 - You need a goal or creation (we call it a mock-up) to practice your new energetic awareness. Spiritual role-playing, group agreements and feedback on:

a) Is this something you really want?

b) How will creating this touch your joy?

c) The clearer the picture in your mind on what you want, the easier it is to bring into your reality. Own your pictures - own your mockups.

Love the group we have, there is room for some capable souls tired of the struggle. If you believe things should be better in your life, come on in and let's make it happen.

See you soon,


$20 for the entire night.

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3104 41st Street San Diego, CA 92105

619 261-1271 – D.R.’s Cell


From the 15 Freeway, take the University Ave exit and head East one block to 41st Street.

Hang a right (Mexican Drive-thru at the corner) and go 7 blocks down and we are the last house on the right.

There is a side road that bends to the left where you can park along the fence if it is crowded. Usually there are some parking spaces on the street in front of our house. We live in a Canyon and have a secluded house that makes for a great place to do energy work. Go ahead and park in the driveway if it is available.


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