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Pub Prattle is an open, easy-going group of people who like to just sit around in inner-city pubs and to chat over a good beer (or beverage of your choice). "Splice" is an inner-city networking group who likes to get people together and creating community. We talk about anything and everything.

PP was inspired by Martin Luther in 15th century. People had given up on church and didn't go any more, so Luther went to the local pubs, where they did go, to talk about important stuff. PP is also inspired the famous cafe, "Les Deux Magots" in the St Germain de Prés district in Paris. People like Pablo Picasso, Jean-Paul Sartre, Bertoldt Brecht, James Joyce and Ernest Hemmingway gathered there to talk about art and stuff that mattered, as well as gossip.

"Les Deux Magots" doesn't mean "The Two Maggots" by the way. It can mean "The Two Apes" or more likely "The Two Pots-of Gold". It suits us, as we don't take ourselves too seriously, and yet we do get our teeth in to some serious stuff when we want to and get some creative discussion going. Pub Prattle is where we learn a bit and maybe even make a little bit of difference to our world. So welcome, throw in your 10 cents worth and join our Auckland Kōrero. All welcome. Bienvenu.

We sometimes meet at the Ellen Melville Centre around the corner from our usual venue, the Vultures Lane Tavern if there is something special on. Covid19 has stuffed this up, but the idea was for emerging and some established artists to exhibit their work there once a month. The format was to meet at 6,30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Centre, meet the artist who will talk about their work which will be on display. At 7.45 or 8.00pm we will go around to the Vultures Lane with the artist to chat (about anything, relax) for one hour. It could still happen

We are likely to be really lucky to have a young indigenous Taiwanese artist to be here early next year and also a young musician from Korea perform..

But lets not forget our own artistic talents. Any one can bring their own art works and talk about them, Perhaps the photographers among us could bring selections of their work - we have a large screen at the Centre on which to project our work. A great topic to talk about at the pub.

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Auckland Artists: Brenda Liddiard and Ali Karam Jawhary

Ellen Melville Centre

The picture says it all and Brenda and Ali will introduce themselves on the night. Brenda is a artist introduced in many themes and Ali is a Persian calligraphy - which is not an art with which most of us are familiar. But this is a night out to remember.

A Good Old Fashioned Dunedin-style Pub Crawl

Ellen Melville Centre

Those of us who studied in Dunedin remember with great pleasure the ancient institution of the Pub Crawl, including the Captain Cook and the Robert Burns Pub.
In Central Auckland we have the Occidental, Vultures Lane and DeBretts, each with their own distinctive beer.
The idea is to buy a couple of jugs in each place and give every one taste of a different beer. This time, we hit the pubs in the Downtown/Vulcan Lane area. As always, thosewho prefer non-alcoholic drinks are very welcome.
The discussion will not doubt flow naturally but we could easily fill the gaps with a memories of Dunedin and its street art.
I intend to ask the publican of each place to tell us something of the history of the pub
Numbers at least 5 at most 11. Welcome one and all!

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