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Everyone is spiritual, everyone is made of energy, but not everyone knows this basic truth or how it works for them, or against them. We are meant to co-create with the creation that is around us. To become our highest vision of ourselves we change and grow through experience. We bring to us events and people who will support us on our journey. Anyone who chooses to take responsibility for their choices and who desires to change their life and their world for the better will find help, support and information with a lot of laughs and humor, while opening themselves to a spiritual adventure.

Upcoming events (5+)

How To Become A Christ, A study sharing and meditation class

Unity Spiritual Center

What if you could fully become the Christ (conscious) of your being in a straightforward simple way? What if you could release your limitations, fears and pain to become the magnificence of your true self? What if you could leave the world of the ego begins and experience the love, joy and Peace of Oneness? There will be "loaner" books for everyone to read during the class. You may also purchase the book at the class or by contacting Lori LaValley at, [masked]. This class has a $5 donation, for use of the space. https://howtobecomeachrist.wixsite.com/wanderingbookseller

Drum Circle at The Women's Club

Spokane Women's club

WE FOUND A SPACE!! This place is absolutely amazing the room is huge it with high ceilings and it's nice and warm. All the amenities we could ever need!! Come drum and dance! Bring your kids, bring you friends, bring your family!! We are paying to rent this space so we will be asking of a donation from $5-15. If you absolutely don't have any money to spare don't worry we wont turn you away, just contribute when you are able. PLEASE enter through the side GREEN door on the Walnut Street side of the building! Reminder all Children of the Sun events are SOBER events and there is not drinking or smoking allowed anywhere near the premises. Can't wait to feel that beat with you all!!!

Drums Of Unity

Unity Spiritual Center of North Idaho

The Drums of Unity is a fellowship of drummers. Whether you are a long-time drummer or just curious, this group offers everyone an opportunity to connect through the power and rhythm of music. If you don't have your own drum, come anyway. There are always extra instruments to share. Todd Neel coordinates this gathering. https://www.unitycenter.org/happenings-blog/drums-of-unity

Wellness Wednesdays

The Lotus

Are you looking for relief and some peace, to feel lighter and supported? Have you been holding in all of these emotions and pretending to be happy way too long? Isn’t it time to heal our past trauma and stop enduring the pain? Join us for an evening showcasing the many ways we can heal with energy work, group intention, mediation, and crystal bowls. Healing comes when we are able to take our attention off of the event because we’ve overcome the emotional ties. It allows you to show up differently in life now that you feel free. We’ll end the evening with live crystal bowls as crystalline music has the power to instantly soothe your entire body and move you into a peaceful state within your body. $35 per evening 6-8pm Focus evenings Feb/Mar choose one or multiple events: Feb 6 – Women Trauma Feb 13 – Open to all Feb 20 – Chronic Pain Feb 27- Veterans and First Responders Mar 6 – Women Trauma Mar 13 – Open to all Mar 20 – People affected by Cancer Mar 27 – Veterans and First Responders Ages 18+ Tickets: https://imaginecreations.ticketspice.com/wellness-wednesdays Thank you! :D -- Deirdre Catlin Imagine Creations (509)[masked] eye-seellc.com

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Wellness Wednesdays

The Lotus

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