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This is a local Co-ed biking group ages 21 and up that likes to ride their bikes in a group setting. This is a non competitive group that is created to build social networks of bike riders. The idea is to get people out and form a "Trail Riding Community" statewide.

This is a social group, which means we put social and fun first. Anyone looking to race or brag about their bike might not fit in too well here. We have a variety of rides of every kind and skill level. Spokes N' Jokes is a judgement free zone. Whether your bike is expensive or found in a dumpster, everyone is welcome here at Spokes N' Jokes. This group is laid back with the goal of exploring new trails, meeting new friends and trying new places to eat.

We feature trails found in the metroparks, rail trails with the occasional road and beginner single track mixed in that includes all times of day and night. Each event will have a detailed description of what the ride is about so it gives each member a chance to choose an event that fits exactly what they are looking for.

Spokes N' Jokes is a casual cycling group. While it is not a "speed group" it is not a beginner group either. Usually speeds are between 10 to 12 mph. The group was founded with the no rider left behind motto and I stand by it. Each event organizer understands this as well.

If you are a total newbie, no problem. I recommend joining " Curt's Happy Trail Bicycle Group " before coming aboard. They are geared for the beginner.We work hand in hand with our friends in the Curt's Happy Trail Meetup Group to ensure every new rider is taken care of. Here is their link...

http://www.meetup.com/Happy-Trail-Bicycle-G... (http://www.meetup.com/Happy-Trail-Bicycle-Group/).

Rides that are less than 20 miles we often post with "Life is Short" meetup group. They do more than just biking.


Spokes N' Jokes came up with the famous "Thursday Night Ride" you see often in different meetups. There is a new facebook page for it. Please share with your friends.


Spokes N' Jokes is open to people who enjoy life and are not easily offended. Bikers who are compared to Lance Armstrong, Greg Lamond, or anyone attempting "X-Games" stunts are NOT going to enjoy this leisure activity especially for these rides.

On our casual rides, there is a no "Lancing Policy." That means this ride is not a full throttle Olympic time trial. Faster Riders must understand the speed of the group.

So if you feel like riding, trying new places, have a good sense of humor and want to meet new friends, welcome aboard!

Spokes N' Jokes is not liable for any injuries that may occur while attending our events. By RSVPing yes to attend any event or showing up to participate, you acknowledge that you accept full responsibility of yourself as well as guests you may bring, waiving any right to hold the group and its members responsible. There are many pictures posted of many different events. Please let me know if you do not want to be photographed.

In Order to prevent freeloaders, and have a bunch of people signing up that will never show, we are asking for a $1.00 donation. This will cover the 198.00 Meetup fee that we have to pay and go towards our Holiday Banquet . ($225.00) Money that exceeds our costs will be rolled into gas cards for our riders!

Your $1 will cover you for the 2020 season. Renewal dollar will be required by April 1, 2021 for the 2021 riding season.

Here is the link for a dollar donation.


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Thursday Night Steaks Returns! *

Station Road Bridge

With Meetup Growing and expanding, it is time to Bring Back the Original Summer ride of Spokes N' Jokes, "Thursday Nite Steaks". Other meetup groups have posted a similar ride and we are joining in on the fun. Since we are working with other meetup groups, we must be considerate of their rules and regulations. We will have a member of Spokes N' Jokes present as I cannot make every ride. The way they have it set up, is they have three groups according to speed. If you feel like riding with the speed group awesome! If you want to ride with the middle group great! If you wanna ride in the back no biggie. Meetups all share the same members anyway. We will be riding 10 to 12 mph. The surface is crushed limestone and asphalt. There will be regrouping points if desired. Total distance about 12 miles. This weekly Towpath Ride will be called Thursday Night Steaks. The first ride was in 2012. This happened to be the late Moses's favorite ride. Fisher's Cafe in Peninsula features an 8 oz Strip Steak, with choice or soup or salad and a side all for 10.99. What better way to get you ready for the weekend than a relaxing Towpath Ride followed by dinner on the patio? Don't eat red meat? No Problem, the menu caters to all. So you get a good work out, a great meal and some laughs just for coming aboard. See you there! Some weeks we will hit the Winking Lizard. Cant make the ride? Join us for dinner at the cafe at 7:00. We depart at 6:00. Rain cancels. Bike light a good idea. Here are the groups besides ours that maybe attending! https://www.meetup.com/Clevelands-Life-Is-Short/ https://www.meetup.com/Happy-Trail-Bicycle-Group/

Cleveland Critical Mass

Cleveland Public Square

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about bicycle events. For the nuclear reaction, see Critical mass (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_mass). For other uses of the term "critical mass", see Critical mass (disambiguation) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_mass_(disambiguation)). San Francisco (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco) Critical Mass, April 29, 2005. Critical Mass is a bicycling (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle) event typically held on the last Friday of every month in over 300 cities around the world. The routes for The Cleveland Critical Mass change monthly. They often get food afterward. Looks like a great time. They usually ride for about an hour rain or shine.

Glow Stick Ride Halloween Edition! (depart at 3:45)

Yours Truly Rockside

Glow Stick Ride 2 is a Joint Event Between Spokes N' Jokes and Life is Short. We are meeting at 245 at the Yours Truly parking lots. Parking there or close to the road. Decorate your bike there with Glow Sticks or Leds or at home but be prepared to depart at 345 sharp. Feel free to wear a costume, but the masks people wear are grueling enough. There will be 6 regrouping points. 1) bathrooms 2)Harvard 3) five guys 4) Tremont Area 5)Tremont Directional change 6) Sokolowskis Our destination is Sainato's at Rivergate. https://www.italianrestaurantrivergate.com/ After eating delicious pizza , we ride through the flats in the darkness and then back to Tremont then to our cars. Total miles 20 miles or so. If you Sign up on one group, do not sign up on another so we can get an accurate count. If you are interested in helping out with Safety on this ride, please message me for more info. Please bring a bike light and a positive attitude.

Brunch ride in Tremont (depart at 9 sharp)

Yours Truly Rockside

We are doing a leisurely bike ride to Tremont. We are starting at Yours Truly, Rockside Parking lot, and riding North to Tremont Neighborhood. Brunch is at 1000 sharp. The owner said we have to be there right at 10:00 to have a chance. We have to punctual to make this happen. By the time we sit down it will be about 10:30. After brunch/lunch we head back to our cars. No one will be left behind and there will be four regrouping points to make sure everyone is safe. Please Rsvp Any questions feel free to call Bring a mask. We need to sit in groups of ten. Eric[masked] Cant make the ride? Join us at 10:00 Sharp. Not 10:05. http://www.bourbonstreetbarrelroom.com/

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Thursday Night Steaks Returns! *

Station Road Bridge

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