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On weekends, we'll be skiing and boarding in winter; hiking, biking and roller blading in summer. On weeknights, indoor climbing, hill running or maybe a dinner, plus other events. Travel ideas include skiing in Europe or out West, hiking to Machu Picchu or the Dolomites, or a weekend nearby to kayak in the Thousand Islands.

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SPACY Connections - Booze, schmooze and news: Neverending summer - SPACY friends

It's Wednesday evening and your weekend hike or ride is still a few days away! Don't be blue, be happy: Join us for an evening of booze, schmooze and news with your fellow SPACY members. What better way to connect than with SPACY Connections? After we've biked or hiked together, why not continue the conversations over drinks, even dinner at our favourite haunt, Else's? Arrive anytime between 7:30pm and 8pm, stay an hour or two. We are limited to 20 members, so RSVP now. Of course, if your plans change, please change your RSVP to No at least 36 hours beforehand, allowing somebody on the Waitlist to take your place. You don't want to have a No-Show on your file! And there's more: free admission, that's right no entry fees, to an evening of fun! Important Notes: Haha, there are none, no passport required, no ride-sharing, no 5am alarm.

For all you swimming Dreamers.... Another Crazy Swimming Challenge!

Piscine de l’île Sainte-Hélène

Everything begins with a dream..... Many years ago, my best friend talked to me about the 10km "Around the sound" Race in Bermudas.... we talked about it..... and thought..... "one day....." we will do this together..... since that time.... i did the Esprit Montreal, Olympic triathlon with her, and swam a 8km in a pool, one day... just for fun.... it took me around 4 hours... i am not a fast swimmer but i love challenges... I was very proud of myself!! This year, with that same, best swimming friend, I have decided to push myself for that crazy race in the Bermudas, it will be in October 2019.. My plane ticket is bought, i am registered for the race....that crazy idea is happening.... and this is cool!! so I personally have to practice.... and i would invite you to come with me... just for a great swim,doing each of us, our own personal challenge!! Encouraging each others along the way... So this challenge will be different from the other past ones... i will NOT.. coach or counsel you... i will just be there to do my own challenge.... which will be to swim as much as i can... without hurting myself of course.... and of course i will be there to encourage you to do your own crazy swimming feat... whatever that is..... the pool is open from 10 am to 8 pm.... so... plenty of time to do whatever crazy challenge you want... so this meetup is more for advanced swimmers i would say.... bring a "tasty" lunch, as would Barry Put it!! We will have to eat outside of the facility, because i dont think we are not allowed to eat on the swimming site.... We will meet at: Piscine de l’île Sainte-Hélène, where we pay the pool entrance fee. Get there from Metro Jean-Drapeau here is a link how to get there in any means you want.... and other info about the park....http://www.parcjeandrapeau.com/complexe-aquatique-piscines-baignade-competitions-montreal/ Price : 7.50$ entrance fee The day: Saturday, the 31st of august at 10pm at the place we pay!! for you to know.... The pool is heated.... so, Rain or shine, we go!!! and... If the pool closes because of weather (in other words, if there is a thunderstorm), we would postpone it to the sunday or monday…. or cancel it.... Maximum people: 10 here's a more precise map..... https://www.google.com/maps/place/Aquatic+Complex/@45.512827,-73.534299,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4cc91b05eaaaaaab:0xbe912d45813fdf97?hl=en Note For your information: The pool opening, this summer, ends on the 2th of september.... For any questions email me : Chantale [masked]

Cycling The Costa Brava (Spain), another incredible SPACY European adventure

The Costa Brava ("Wild Coast" or "Rough Coast") is a coastal region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain, consisting of the comarques (counties) of Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà and Selva in the province of Girona. Costa Brava stretches from the town of Blanes, 60 km (37 mi) northeast of Barcelona, to the French border. We have created a custom cycling route that is unparalleled with others found on the Internet. We will be overnighting in the most vibrant, the most exciting, the most lively and the most entertaining of all of northeast Spain's seaside towns. Our route will average 70 kms per day (10 km per day less than last year), giving us lots of time to ride from each overnight stop to the next, and still give us more time to explore each town, either on bike or on foot. We will be cycling for seven days (one more day than last year), our first cycling day will be Saturday 28 September, and we'll end in Barcelona on the following Friday afternoon. Both Friday night hotel stays are included in this cycling adventure: eight nights are prepaid. The exact itinerary will be emailed to each participant. Some of us will fly in a few days early to explore the area and/or stay a few days longer after the cycling week. I will also plan some optional excursions before and after our cycling tour. There are inexpensive, nonstop flights to Barcelona, around $800. Temperatures expected will be highs of 24 C during the day. Instead of organizing an info session for this European adventure, I will allow up to 16 people to RSVP to this event. At the end of March, we will meet, discuss details, and finalize the members who will be joining the cycling group. We will be a maximum of 10 riders. If you are already certain that you want to be a part of this exciting trip, you can send me a $600 deposit at any time (to the same email address as in the past). The final fee has yet to be determined, however it will be along the lines of last year ($1,400) plus the extra day. Also, Spain is more expensive than Italy.

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