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We’re a bunch of people who live in or close to the coast town of Scheveningen and love to meet new people, making friends, being active and having lots of fun. Not only we’re planning to organize regular sport and healthy life style events, but also cultural events, preferably sustainable and at low cost (this group runs on a voluntary basis, we don't make any profit). Everyone is welcome as long as you treat each other with respect.

Check out also our Culture ♫ Scheveningen & The Hague (https://www.meetup.com/Culture-Scheveningen-The-Hague/) Meetup!

DISCLAIMER: This group and its organizers are not responsible for your safety. By signing up for these events, you agree to release the group of Meetup.com and its organizers from ANY responsibility, liability or claim in law or in equity.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Unfortunately it happens frequently that people cancel their attendancy at the very last minute or just don’t show up. Especially for those who are on the waitlist or for a game where a minimal amount of players is needed, this can be frustrating. Therefore, if you are not planning to join, please cancel your RSVP as soon as possible, but no later than 2 hours before starting time of the event. In case you were not able to join due to unforeseen circumstances, please send a private message to the organizer. Last minute cancellations and no shows will be registered (after the 3rd time you cannot join any event for 6 months).

HEALTH: In case you have symptoms of the flu or a cold (cough, sore throat, running nose, fever, etc.), please cancel your RSVP and take a rest. Please be considerate and do not spread the bugs to other members.
We promote a non-smoking environment at our events.

ILLEGAL DRUGS: Any distribution or use of illegal drugs during our events is strictly prohibited.

WHATSAPP GROUP RULES: The WhatsApp group is meant only to get people together for a sports event. Please do not spam. Only Meetup-related messages are allowed. Any topic that would incite religious, political or cultural sentiments shall not be discussed. Sexual harassment is not tolerated. Individual members shall not use this medium to obtain contact details and send offensive personal messages to other members.

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Beach Workout - Mud Masters Scheveningen

Fonk beachclub scheveningen

This summer it’s time again for Mud Masters on Scheveningen beach! Loose sand, salt water and challenging obstacles; a perfect workout and lots of fun! Mud Masters is the largest and most popular obstacle run of the Benelux. The route starts and finishes in the bustling The Hague Beach Stadium. It's an oval circuit with an inner and outer lane with a turning point at the pier. It will be amazing! We will do the 5 km run. It's not a competition, so we can do it at our own pace. Buying tickets: Let's wait till about 4 days before the start because of weather prediction (i prefer when it's sunny). In case it's sold out, we can check Ticketswap. Price is around 38.50 euros per person. Where to meet: I will create a Whatsapp group about 1 week before the start so we can coordinate tickets (so we all have the same start time) and a meeting spot. Therefor check your messages and updates regularly! For more information: https://mudmasters.nl/event/scheveningen-2019/ *Please cancel your rsvp ahead of time if you're not planning to join!*

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Hike the N70, Nijmegen

Nijmegen, Sint Maartenskliniek

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