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I'd like to get as many seasoned Sports Production people together as possible once a month. The issue I see, is crew not having enough hands on experience or knowledge required to go from a Level C Production crew, to a Level B crew. The level A Crews are mostly Union and All ready working the games. If there are Level A Sports Crews available to come and join our group, that would be awesome. I myself still consider myself a Level B Technical Director. I have 25+ years in the Film & Television industry as a Producer/Director/D.P. My other job is being a TD for Clients like, PAC-12 Sports, Apple & Most Recently, LinkedIn.

There's a lot of gigs out there in the Sports world and I'd like to capitalize on this market. But there's not enough seasoned Crews who understand the game and the responsibilities ..

This group is to build an alliance of freelancers. We will go over specific needs that you may have in order to go from Level C, to level B... or from Level B, to Level A, by keeping ourselves up to date with latest technology and understand your responsibilities .. watch games and understanding it thoroughly ... To many people out there want the work, but don't want to master the craft. This Alliance I hope will become masters at their crafts. Not looking for people with egos, or people who aren't interested in helping others. We will even talk about the business side of it as well
Look forward too meeting ..

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IL Piccolo Caffe

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