What we're about

Hey, I'm Trevor, a 12-year former professional athlete that is starting a new fitness training workout for people that love sports and want to do something different to reach their fitness and athletic goals!

What we do: We connect and train athletes to get fitter, faster, leaner, quicker, stronger, and we do it together!

Our motto: "Train like an athlete again!"

You will find us running, jumping, banding, shuttling, sprinting, and competing on the beach, on the turf, in the water, or on a court near you!

Our coaches and elite sports performance trainers have a background in sports specific strength training, group fitness, and this MeetUp is called "SportsLab Fitness" because we are constantly testing and inventing new speed, agility, explosive power, flexibility, and quickness workouts with your sport in mind.

Our outdoor and indoor sports performance fitness workouts are built to put you on small teams and groups, and get your fitness kick with sled pulls, pushes, band work, plyos, shuttle runs, ladders, and SportsLab AMRAP's, fitness challenges, and more!

Get outside, in the sand, on the track, and join our team, get fit, and have some fun being an athlete again!

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