What we're about

Spotahome is one of Europe's fastest-growing startups. Since 2014, we have been reinventing real estate globally.

It is changing the way people rent their homes for stays of 30+ days, taking the process 100% online.

Spotahome has closed over $72M in funding, backed by top VCS from Silicon Valley and UK including the backers of Trivago acquired by Expedia in 2013, the people behind Momondo Group, Last.fm, Seedcamp, Last Second Tickets, among others.

Now, we are settling in UK, creating our Technology Hub in the heart of London!👨‍💻

We are community-focused and looking to share our knowledge but most importantly we want to create space for networking, collaboration, and growth in the tech sector.

Design and lead by developers for developers we will run and host series of events focusing on the latest technologies like React.JS, PHP 7 or Go;
Promoting diversity and inclusion; Women in Tech; Kids Coding days; LGBTQI+ events and more!

So Spot a Tech and enjoy the ride!! 🐱‍🏍

Fallow our engineering blog : https://product.spotahome.com/

Join our Gitter community chat: https://gitter.im/Spotahome-Tech

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Spotahome Tech Remote Roundtable Discussion #1

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Women In Tech #1

Spotahome Ltd

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