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The first presentation will be in a 'hands-on workshop' mode. A mote from the presenter:

The packages that need to be installed before the session are: devtools,htmlwidgets,shiny. It's also better to have installed Chrome (and Rstudio, ça va sans dire!). I uploaded the files I am going to use at:


Two great Shiny presentations during the last meetup in 2016.

Giovanni Lotti will give us a 30 minutes long, hands-on (bring your own laptop) introduction to htmlwidgets. Title of his talk is 'How to create your own reactive widgets for Shiny'.

and Marek Rogala will speak about Making your Shiny apps awesome.

See below for more details.

There will be pizza and afterparty!


Giovanni Lotti:


I am an Italian engineer, turned technical consultant in the Business Travel Industry - I do develop in R every day and create dozen Shiny applications for our clients!


A good chart empowers a good message, but what happens when the standard R charts limit our message? Wouldn't it be cool to be able to understand how the widgets are created in Shiny, in order to modify them? Even better, mastering the creation of new ones? We will start from looking the current ready-made widgets, which you can preview at Then we will port a simple javascript example, a bar chart, here: At the end you will be able to transform js widgets into Shiny widgets" This session should take between 20 and 40 minutes. I think that if needed we could add this second module, same time required: "Next step? Let's write the javascript code of a new, increasingly complex example, a dynamic donut that reacts to data changes in Shiny. Code at At the end you will be able to create your own basic js widgets and to port them in Shiny

R Packages:

HtmlWidgets, Shiny JS libraries: d3.js

Marek Rogala:


I'm a data scientist, software engineer and entrepreneur with experience from Google and Domino Data Lab. Passionate about data analysis, machine learning, software design and tackling hard algorithmic and analytical problems. CTO and co-founder at Appsilon Data Science - consulting company based in Warsaw. We use R & Shiny a lot. Shiny helps us maximize value clients get out of what we build by streamlining communication in both directions.


The ability to present results and collect additional data effectively is crucial for successful application of data science. Shiny is well suited for this task - by allowing for rapid development of advanced data-driven applications, it lets us surprise our clients by delivering instant value starting from day 1.
That said, making awesome Shiny apps has its challenges. We'll start by an overview of the challenges that we faced when building a number of Shiny apps and the solutions that worked for us. We'll put a special focus on building great user experience. I'll show two cool packages we've built internally, that help take the user experience to a whole new level, by adding real-time collaboration and beautiful UI out-of-the-box. That really made the difference for us and our clients, and we hope you'll find them useful! The packages will be open-sourced soon.