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Meet other locals to discuss Acupuncture, specifically KM style Acupuncture, and how it can help to maintain or increase health and wellness, decrease stress, lower or eliminate pain (acute, idiopathic, or chronic), and manage symptoms of chronic conditions for optimal health and quality of life. Specific meetups will address: *Moxibustion, cupping, gua sha/Kirik *Mei Zen facial acupuncture.(Sometimes called "Acupuncture Face lift"). Meetup will discuss what it is, how it works, and what results can be expected. Meetup will include screening for suitability. * Reflexes and what they means in KM Style. Members can participate in an evaluation of their personal reflexes, discuss why they may have them and see what it takes to change them. Those who may not want to be evaluated for the edification of the group may make arrangements for a private reflex analysis at the end of the meetup, time permitting. *Gua Sha in the family. Gua Sha has been used successfully for centuries in the family to fight the common cold, flu, and muscular aches and pains, just to name a few applications. It uses simple tools that are easily acquired, and it is easy to learn- although it may take a lifetime to master! ( You don't have to be a master to get good results and reap the health benefits for your family). It is time to introduce this simple yet profound technique to the American mainstream. This meetup group will attempt to do just that. We will also discuss possible legal pitfalls when using Gua Sha with children and the elderly and what you can do to prevent misunderstandings in your community. This technique has many names in many countries, Gua Sha is but one name, another well known name is Kirik. Most people find it very pleasant and relaxing- somewhat on the level of a deep tissue massage. * Acupuncture and Western Medicine/ where does acupuncture fit in the big picture of your personal healthcare? * Topical discussions of Acupuncture and the symptoms of: Acute or chronic injuries from sports and martial arts training, Diabetes, Hypertension, Low blood pressure, Insomnia, Lung problems, Thyroid issues, Sinus problems, Heart conditions, Low platelet count, Cancer, COPD, Edema, Poor Circulation, Knee or Joint pain, Back Pain, Migraines and Headaches, Infertility, Stroke, Calf Pain or Spasms, Weight loss, Kidney disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Fatty Liver, Inflammation in the body, Musclular Spasms, Substance Abuse Cessation (cigarrette, alcohol, controlled or illegal substances): or any topic brought up during the meetup. ( The proceeding list is by no means complete, topics will be discussed in the order that most participants are interested in, there may be multiple sessions per topic, or multiple topics per session- time and interest permitting).

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