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Excel VBA & other languages (location change, read the details below)
I am talking to venue locations about meeting there this month. I will confirm here soon. If you don't use your real first and last name, please send me a message through meetup with the correct name. Thanks. Bring a photo ID. We plan on meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, but there are changes occasionally. Cancellations will be posted here. Sometimes, the map on this meetup link above, is incorrect, so please write down the address. I always learn something new at the group, like an advanced feature, or a glitch/bug to beware of. For example, did you know that formulas entered in the Named Range box will calculate as "Array Entered" and you don't need to use "Ctrl + Shift + Enter". It's OK, to use the free coffee machine. If you arrive, and the the security personnel informs you of a registration problem, don't be alarmed, they make mistakes sometimes. They will assist you, ask to double check with another member of the staff and please be patient and polite. Below is a list of other tech groups, which have helped me learn about data and other languages: " please RSVP with the link above. they usually meet every Monday. note: ""Fat Cat"" ping pong has a separate entrance on the opposite side of the building. a civic data group which meets weekly, is: another civic data group which meets occasionally, is:" "some py groups and a linux group here: (some on Wednesday, some on other days) it's a great place to ask... Where should I download open source software from? Programming language agnostic! They meet ever other Wednesday. They read from a book called Cracking the Coding Interview. Although it's not required to have the book, it's helpful. When you arrive, they will ask everyone to breakout into groups by language preference. an advanced group that meets occasionally: a data intense group." "groups usually scheduled for the weekend: RSVP here AND on their sites, with the link above. Great place to ask... can javascript be used for more than just websites? This group meets on other days of the week, as well. (some days are free of charge). ask general programming questions about various languages, at a cafe... Sometimes they don't mention it, but they also run a paid tech school, you can ask them about. advanced groups: Pluralsight runs online courses for around $35 a month. this group meets once a week, and doesn't require any payment."

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Discuss formulas, functions and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). I have useful formulas posted at Try other ways of working with data, such as: an Excel Add-In, GoogleShe­ets, Tableau, SAS, Libre Office, d3, Python, MatLa­b, R, C, C++, C#, F#, SQL, noSQL, Haskell.

At our monthly Excel meetup, you may hear of references to online resources, like ( Afterwards share with other members, regarding other data tools, like: Google Big Query, Microsoft Access, FileMaker for Mac, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB.

Also discuss Comma Separated Value problems here. Sometimes these files are opened and interpreted poorly due to the General Format setting in most spreadsheet software. Visit the group to learn about work-arounds to various CSV problems.

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