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Hi Moms of Spring Hill! This group gets together for play dates, MNO, or for no reason at all! We've got an amazing community full of fun activities and we love to get out and enjoy it!

In order to keep with the goal of our group, we have a $5 annual fee and member guidelines to help have clear expectations of what membership in Spring Hill Mommies Meetup is about. The vision for this group is to have a community of moms who become friends, can rely on each other, network, and just have fun.

Read the guidelines carefully - the commitment isn't for everyone but is totally worth it if you can be an active member.

How to Join
- Click on the “Join” link, fill out a profile questionnaire
- Any requests for membership that are not accompanied by a complete profile (including first and last name and picture) will not be approved for membership. This is an important element in protecting our members’ privacy.

Guidelines for Spring Hill Mommies

Participation Policy
- New members must attend an event within 30 days of joining. Those who don’t will be removed from the group. This is designed to keep our members safe. We don't want to have "lurkers" in the background getting access to information about our meetups, members, or their children.
- All members need to attend one event per month. Attending is separate from hosting. We want our roster to be a real reflection of our membership.
- If you have been inactive for 2 months, you’ll be automatically removed from the group under the assumption that you are no longer interested in membership. If we make an incorrect assumption, please, please, reach out to us and rejoin!
- All members are required to host one event every other month. Example: If you did not host within the month of August, you need to host within the month of September.

Hosting Events
- These events do not have to be in your home. They can be at a restaurant, a park, the library, etc.
- When a member posts a Meetup to the calendar, they are committing to act as Event Host for that event. It's a commitment to attend and be the point person for an event. That means searching out, welcoming, and introducing other attendees.
- If you plan to host an event at a community sponsored event, plan to have a clear location for everyone to meetup before entering the function - it is best to describe the meetup location in the event details when creating your event and then give an update in the comments section with what color shirt you are wearing the day of the event. This is because our moms, especially new moms, are coming to our events to build relationships with other moms and families in our group and don’t want to show up and feel lost.

RSVP Policy
- Go when you say you’re going. That’s just good manners.
- Be considerate. Many moms will plan and prep for their events. It really takes the wind out of your sails to see a cascade of last minute cancellations. Show up!
- Because our group is growing, there will often be waitlists for events. Please update your RSVP (the sooner, the better) if you know you will be unable to attend, whether you’re “in” or on the waitlist. In all likelihood, the next few people on the list will be bumped up, and if you're on the list and unable to attend, you will keep the next person in line from enjoying the event.
- Things happen, stuff comes up, and meetups get forgotten, but if you become a chronic no-show, you may be asked to leave the group.
- If you or your child is ill, please go ahead and cancel. That’s one thing we don’t want to share.

Sales and Multi-Level Marketing
- We know a lot of moms are entrepreneurs, but please don’t join this group to gain clients. We are more interested in your friendship.
- Sales events are not allowed on the meetup calendar. If posted; they will be removed by an organizer.

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Playdate at Ava's

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Baby playdate, 15mo and under

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Trevor’s Birthday Lunch Play date

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