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Grandfather must be speaking out to me, hello I am GoldenFeather. Earlier today I was researching on shamanic drumming, I have been guided to share my gifts and space and here is this suggested meet up. So let’s see where this will go. If I run out of space I know of another venue space for our meet ups.
Great spirit is asking for our coming together, rise again as clans. The earth changes are coming hard and loud, great mother has spoken, it’s time we listen with an open mind, and open heart. It doesn’t matter what tribe you come from, most of us who seek shamanic journeys have been awakened and asked to find our soul families.
Most of us don’t resonate with our blood families, we are often loners, sensitive, and wise beyond our years.
Native really means to be of maternal creation, of the elements of all that is. It is up to us to unite-
For Uni Verse simply means One Song!
May we dance to the rhythm of our ancestors- GoldenFeather

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