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Tech meetup #3: GiftCycle and weMix

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On Monday we rejoin Philo and Mihai, the project owners of weMix ( ) and GiftCycle ( ) as we work together to make the next steps in these projects. In the previous meeting we both got to grips with git and got some commits from the members present, so now it's time to get past the infrastructure work and into the meat of the projects.

Q: will there be food?
A: we usually order something from, but no one minds if you bring your own dinner.

Q: it's a bit too late for me...

A: that was not really a question. But actually, here's a reply: Both Philo and Mihai plan to be there from noon till late in the evening to work on the projects, so you are more than welcome to join us earlier. Just send a private message with the approximate time you're coming, so we're sure where to meet each other.

Q: what if I can't code?
A: No problem for GiftCycle. I plan to do some wireframing and market research work, so that's definitely something you can help with. Take a look here for the tasks coming up:

weMix plans to really add something to the version0 webpage that is online at: . Some javascript, html and css skills would come in handy, but all creative input is welcome! Would be great to hear your ideas on the future of online video.