What we're about

1. Purpose of this group?
This is an exclusive Mastermind Group dedicated to educating members concerning real estate! Because this is a Premium Group, MAAJ CAPITAL IS dedicating more time, more value, and more resources to helping you DOMINATE your Real Estate Investing Business! This group will allow us to stay in touch with team members and disseminate important information. Make sure to check back on a regular basis for important posts and videos. Welcome to the team!!

2. Who should join?
Current real estate investor, and anyone interested in real estate investing. Not that it'll happen overnight, but this group is also for the individuals looking to either supplement or completely replace their income via real estate investing!

3. What will you do at your events?
This is a place for creative real estate investors can network, learn and more. We'll discuss creative real estate strategies and techniques like subject to, lease options, sandwich lease options, wraps, rent to own, seller financing, land trust, virtual wholesaling and good old fashioned in your face wholesaling!

We'll also talk about the correct structure for one's business entity such as LLC, LLP, Sole Prop, S-Corp and JV (Joint Ventures).

Raising capital will also be a focus of this group. Our hope is that upon attending(regularly), you'll have learned just how to identify potential lenders and get funding for your real estate deals. This and much more will be discussed!

Can't wait to see you!

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Real Estate MasterMind

Pease's at Bunn Gourmet

Today's meetup will cover the topic "Partner or Lender Model"! No matter how seasoned, investors should always revisit this topic to ensure that their investing career remains healthy. Look forward to meeting you!

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Real Estate MasterMind

Pease's at Bunn Gourmet

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