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Springfield Hydroponic Gardening Meetup Group is an opportunity to explore all aspects of growing plants using a variety of methods. Join this newly created group to share ideas and methods of growing all types of plants both indoor and outdoor using soil, soilless, and hydroponic gardening. We will discuss a variety of growing methods, systems, design, and operation techniques. Topics such as pests and disease recognition and control, seed germination, rooting cuttings and clones, supplemental lighting, nutrient delivery methods and much more will be discussed. We will endeavor to invite experts in various areas to continually expand our available knowledge. We envision this group evolving as its membership grows to encompass topics of interest that emerge from its members. Welcome to the Springfield Gardening Group. We hope to see you soon!

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Seed and Clone Starting Class

Indoor Garden Supply

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Indoor Garden Supply

Transplant Class

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Seed Starting Class

Indoor Garden Supply

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