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Spyder Fanatics

This is a group for active Adult Spyder riders and any other type of motorcyclists who are interested in touring Georgia and surrounding states. All levels of experience and a diverse range of people are welcome. We like to ride with people who enjoy getting outdoors, relaxing, and having a great time. Safety is our first priority. We ride safely and TOUR. Generally, we ride from the Acworth, Georgia surrounding area and northward. Rides will consist of day trips and some overnight/weekend destinations. Meet and Greets will be held quarterly or as needed. Please help support the meetup by "chipping in". As this meetup limits the number of members, we will monitor any member who does not ride within 3 months for potential removal.

As we build the group, we are seeking another rider to lead rides once or twice a month. Please let us know if you're interested. Also if you only want to lead one ride or have alternate destination suggestions, let's talk.

Thanks for joining! Let's ride!!

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This Spyder Fanatics Meetup website was established solely to facilitate the logistics of meeting and gathering with other riders. You are solely responsible for your own behavior, actions and safety while attending or participating in events or rides. You ride at your own risk. You are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations i.e. properly licensed (driving permit with a M designation), maintain motorcycle liability insurance, and follow all applicable traffic laws and regulations.

If you invite a guest - the same expectations (complying with all applicable laws and regulations) and exclusion from liability that applies to Spyder Fanatics members applies to any person or persons that you bring to an event or ride. Your guests are solely responsible for their behavior, actions and safety while attending or participating in events or rides. Your guests ride at their own risk.

By joining the Spyder Fanatics Group, you agree to the above.

Hey all - Riding Rules or Guidelines

1. RSVP for rides you are planning on attending. If you cannot attend at the last minute, please change your attendance to not attending on meetup if at all possible.
2. Be on time! We will not wait for anyone unless you post you are running late on meetup.
3. Fill up gas tank before starting the ride.
4. Adults only riding group.
5. Ride Leader has the right to determine how many trikes can attend. Any rides over 10 trikes can be tricky to lead. The organizer may close RSVPs upon his/her discretion.
6. BE PATIENT with the trike in front of you and keep adequate space between fellow bikers.
7. When riding in a congested area and we are trying to get everyone through the lights, ride closely. When riding in the countryside feel free to spread out.
8. If we don’t get everyone through the light, we will drive slower or more likely pull over and wait for the rest of the group.
9. Ride staggered where possible so that the leader has a better chance of seeing everyone.
10. Slower or newer rides should ride towards the back of the line.
11. There will always be a “Sweep” position. This rider is experienced and will ride LAST in line to make sure everyone is safe.
12. Ride at your own safe speed. If you need to take curves slower, please do! This is a safe riding group.
13. Normally, we ride the speed limit or a little above, but speed may fluctuate.
14. Motorcycle hand signals we generally use include hand signals in addition to turning signals when turn is coming up, a hand tap to the helmet (cops), pointing to the road (object in road), and hands flapping downward (slow down). If you have an emergency, flash your lights so we can pull over!
15. Generally, we stop every hour to hour ½ for restrooms and gas fill ups.
16. HAVE FUN! This is a FANTASTIC GROUP of riders who try to ride with safety in mind.
If anyone thinks of any other rules, please post:)Thanks!
Karen and Jimmy

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