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Wing Chun Self Defense and Fitness Training
Square One area friends interested in learning Wing Chun Kung Fu in a safe, fun and traditional environment. Wing Chun is a close-quarter martial art system which focuses on economy of movements while defending and attacking simultaneously along the Center Line. The Art was created by a women and is based on using form and structure to overcome a larger opponent. Training consists of traditional martial art techniques and fitness exercises. One of the most famous students on Wing Chun is of course Bruce Lee who studied under Yip Man. I recommend Googling Wing Chun to familiarize your self with the Forms and training techniques involved.

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I am a Realtor and Mortgage Agent in the Amazing area of Square One Mississauga looking to socialize and network with others who Love to Live, Work and Play in Square One. There are tones or great local restaurants, clubs, lounges, local business and fun activities to do in this area for us to discover and enjoy together. This is a interactive group focused on actives in the Square One area such as Social Events, Casual Sports, Community Events, Networking Functions and any thing else fun in Square One that comes up. Thank you for taking the time to join and any suggestions you have for group events are welcome. Looking forward to seeing you at a MeetUp soon!



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