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What we’re about

The Square Pegs Adult Autistic Meetup Group is a place for those of us who are on any part of the spectrum, diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or questioning to get to know one another and make new friends without having to explain our eccentricities. If you are otherwise neurodivergent, you are welcome to join us as well.

The primary values of this group are inclusion, acceptance, and neurodiversity. We accept people from all parts of the spectrum, and will do what we can to make sure everyone has a positive, welcoming experience.

Most Autistic groups are geared to families of diagnosed children, or therapy and techniques with the intention of normalizing us. These things will not be the focus here.

This is a place where we can come as we are without judgement. So many of us have struggled alone for so long, our ways of socializing may be misunderstood by most others we meet. This is a place to break the isolation that many of us experience in a world made for people not like us.

Our 20+ groups are varied in style and focus. Many are a traditional support group. Others have more of a socializing focus. We try to have as wide of a variety as we can in what the groups offer. We have expanded beyond our roots in Seattle to include groups in Tacoma, and Olympia, with a goal of expanding beyond as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the organizer, Zack Siddeek at