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Members hold Senior HR positions in technology or knowledge based companies and they either live and/or work in Greater Halton Region Area (GHRA). All members are from established for-profit companies. Include your LinkedIn profile when joining.

Collectively, the members are responsible for thousands of workers, for businesses in $50M+ range. Individual members' businesses range from 50-2,000 employees.

Group Focus

This group focuses on the strategic and tactical components of HR.

Established in January 2016, an existing learning forum for Senior HR Management to:

> Share challenges
> Share solutions
> Develop/validate strategies & tactics
> Reduce risk in decisions
> Improve quality and speed of decisions
> Develop a trusted supportive network of peers

Ultimately increasing your value and your HR department’s value to the organization. Learn more here (http://www.siliconhalton.com/peer2peer-groups/human-resources-peer2peer).


What is said in the meetings, stays in the meetings.


Group meets once monthly, over breakfast, to discuss the above.


Events are fee based. Joining this Meetup.com group allows you become aware of meetings.

To learn more contact Rick@searchvelocity.ca

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Covid-19 Temporary Layoffs – Learn what the Courts are Ruling

Online event


Many companies reduced staff in hopes to ride out the Pandemic. However, did the COVID-19 temporary layoff amount to constructive dismissal of your employee?

When the pandemic seized the world in March 2020, many Ontario Employers scrambled to survive by placing employees on a temporary layoff as they shut doors to fight COVID-19. Fast-forward to today, Ontario Courts are now speaking to whether those temporary layoffs were unlawful dismissals of employees, or whether they were rightfully done by employers. Join our session to learn whether the COVID-19 temporary layoff amounted to the constructive dismissal of your employee during the pandemic.

During this session we will also have time to cover one of the following pandemic related topics. During your registration, Vote for the topic you would like to see covered:

1. Has Covid-19 has increased or decreased a terminated employee’s severance entitlements? COVID-19 undeniably left a negative footprint on the Ontario economy, affecting employers and employees alike. For an employee dismissed amidst the pandemic-triggered economic downturn, do they get a bigger or lighter severance package?

2. Can COVID-19 vaccinations be mandated at the workplace? What are permissible workplace policies on Covid-19 vaccinations? What are best practices for implementing any workplace COVID-19 vaccination policies?

Bring your questions.

Please register via Eventbrite: https://siliconhalton.com/event/covid-19-temporary-layoffs-learn-what-the-courts-are-ruling/

Fee: $15.49 + HST = $17.50

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