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The last one of 2018..
The last one for 2018 - This time of the year can be rather tough for a lot of us. A lot of new faces in the group. So let’s meet. Have a drink, a chat, a vent and a laugh and discuss how to survive this festive period.

The White Lion

91 Sopwell Lane, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1RN · St Albans

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    I am not a trained counsellor, a professional therapist, a divorce specialist or a lawyer who can provide legal advice. I don't have the magic bullet to make your presently miserable existence better. The only step program I know is, the number of steps to stagger home after drowning my sorrows.

    Seeing that there are no meetups for divorce support in St Albans, guess I might as well be the one to get the ball rolling.

    I am a divorced single parent, by in large winging it and trying not to make more f*ups along the way, or screw my kids up more than they already are.

    I was groping in the dark, and by accident or design have got past the worst of it, and have more good days than bad now and can see a flicker of light at the end of this bleak tunnel.

    So this is a group for fellow 'wingers' and 'gropers' (perhaps I should rephrase that) who want to meet up, vent, and then put our intellect and life experiences to good use (which collectively will be more than the best therapist - hopefully), to help yourself and one another to move on and start breathing again.

    And if that does not work, there is always beer/wine (buy your own and take a seat - we dont do rounds) and also the opportunity to meet that poor sucker whose life is more worse than yours (probably mine but we can compare notes) , and then you can go home and count your blessings.

    So turn on, tune in and turn up and let's hear your story and then just wing it and see if we can come up with something better than sitting around in a circle, like in a bad movie.

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